How to Fix Gmail not Receiving Emails

    “How to fix Gmail not receiving Emails?” A Big Blunder I ever faced! Can anyone help me out to fix such issues so that I can receive my emails?

If users are not getting emails in their Gmail account, then it makes them very much irritated. If they face such difficulties in obtaining the method to fix Gmail not Receiving Emails, there is a requirement to follow a number of the troubleshooting steps to repair it. It is not easy to fix some errors easily. Users can use simple methods to fix the problem. Next, we discuss the reason that causes the issues.

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Reasons for the Gmail not Receiving Emails Android or Windows:

The reasons described below:

  • Email filters of your device.
  • Blocked email address
  • Connectivity problem with receiving or sending devices.
  • Storage of Gmail
  • Use of wrong credentials.

Here we told the user about the reasons for the issue. Next, we will discuss the troubleshooting steps to fix the error.

How to fix Gmail not Receiving Emails with Free Approaches?

 The different troubleshooting steps discussed below:

Method 1: Using Gmail in Different Browsers

In case the Gmail account isn’t receiving mails, try to open Gmail in different browsers and check if the issue is still there or not. Users can use different browsers for this purpose.

Method 2: By Checking is Gmail Service is Down

It may be possible that the Gmail service is down. To clarify the case, Turn On any the Down detector site in a browser.

Write the keyword Gmail in that website’s search icon, and then press the Okay. If there is a problem with the Google side, wait to find the solutions to query “How to fix Gmail not receiving Emails”.

Method 3: Gmail Storage

  1.  In Google Drive, click on the upgrade storage
  2. Combined the maximum freely allocated storage space for Gmail, Google photo, and Google Drive i.e 15GB
  3. Those who reached the 15 GB storage, will require to make some space. For that, Open Gmail
  4. Then sort some emails to delete, and Delete emails
  5. Then press Bin to open
  6. Select the Empty Bin option icon to delete the emails there. Thereafter, you might receive Gmail emails again.

Method 4: Remove Email filter

  1. Users can remove filters by going to the Settings option.
  2. Select the filter to open the tab shown below.
  3. Sort all filters marked on that tab.
  4. Click the delete button to remove the filters

Method 5: Shut the email forwarding option

  1. Press the Settings icon in Gmail.
  2. Choose the Settings option.
  3. Choose POP/IMAP to ON that tab
  4. Then, Press the Disable forwarding option icon
  5. Press the Save Changes icon

These are the manual steps for fixing the Gmail not receiving the emails. But all these manual points consume lots of time and not enough for fixing the issue entirely. It also requires advanced skills to function some of the steps. Here a need for backing up all the Gmail emails to protect from all the issues is required. Backing up emails also helps to make storage space free.

Therefore, you can go with the direct method which helps you to backup all the Gmail emails with attachments quickly. This tool is very accurate in maintaining the original data. Use the Gmail Backup Software to Backup all Gmail accounts  The GUI of this software is also very user friendly and compatible with all available windows.


This article discussed “How to fix Gmail not receiving emails”.Here, we provided you with many manual troubleshooting steps to fix the issue easily. But if users don’t want to make use of such manual tips then a direct method is also given here. Use any perfect method as per your convenience and fix the issue completely.