How to Edit Videos with OBS

Do you really want to learn how to Edit Videos with OBS? This article is for you if you want to learn how to edit videos in Obsession. We’ll go over a few of the most critical things to bear in mind if you’re attempting to edit Obsession video snippets and then showcase them with your own YouTube video in this article.

OBS isn’t an unusual term to most gaming YouTubers. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a screen recorder, game recorder, and camera capture program. The recorded video will be tiresome once you finish the OBS recording, and it may require post video processing such as cutting, merging, applying filters, and so forth. So, which video editor is better for OBS studio? In this piece, I’ll go through the best-selected video editors for OBS video editing, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

After you’ve captured your first OBS video, you’ll almost certainly want to edit it. You may desire to add commentary and extra effects to produce a unique and intriguing film if certain sections of the recording did not go as well as you hoped.

Whatever your reasons, you’re presumably aware that OBS lacks its own video editor. While the application is a robust and adaptable recording tool, if you want to capture and edit video, you’ll need to go elsewhere.

1) How to use obs to edit videos

Because this is a tutorial that genuinely offers you the tools and information you need, learning how to edit movies in obs is easier than learning how to make your own video.

It teaches you how to utilize the necessary equipment and hardware, as well as software tools for editing videos in real time.

It also instructs you how to edit and switch video files to different formats. This is a tough skill to master on your own, and this lesson does a good job of demonstrating how to edit films in obs. You’ll also get a step-by-step guide on how to convert the video to the format you choose.

Although this article does not go into great length regarding video editing software, it is simple to locate. All it takes is a little bit of searching on the internet.

There are several free tutorials available that will teach you how to edit movies in Obs and provide you with the necessary software.

If you are a total newbie, however, it is recommended that you begin with learning how to produce your own video, as learning how to edit videos in the subsequent course will not take long.

After you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you may continue on to the rest of this training. For example, you’ll learn how to make a video outline in-depth and be introduced to the many sorts of video formats that are accessible.

After that, you’ll see several samples of video file types and how they appear in videos. Then you’ll learn how to compose music and edit it into a video.

Finally, you’ll learn about the many types of video frames and how to utilize them to make your own video.

At the end of this session, you’ll have everything you need to edit a video, and then you’ll know exactly what you need to do it.

This is an excellent lesson for a novice since it is simple to follow and provides you with all of the tools you need to edit the film you desire.

2) How to edit videos in obs studio

Learning how to edit films in Obs Studio might be intimidating due to the numerous editing choices available, but there are a few things you should be aware of if you want to ensure that your videos look their best.

Among the first activities, you’ll need to do is find out what kind of audio and video files you possess and how to organize them so you can build a movie that works on the Obs Studio platform.

This is really fairly simple to deal with because you can just copy the video file over from another location and the settings will remain intact.

To do just that, go over to the “Video” section and look for the “Clip” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, even if it has some extra spaces in it, copy the video file you wish to use.

When you’ve copied the video file, you’re able to learn well how edit videos in Obs Studio. This may be accomplished in two ways. You may either click “Add video” or go into “Settings” and select the “Video Editing” option.

Once you’ve located your video, go to “Settings” and decide whether you want your video’s title to match the one on the clip.

3) How to change videos in OBS

What is the most efficient way to switch between videos in Obsession is a thought-provoking and entertaining video game. You’ll need an Internet connection and a web browser to play this game.

To switch between videos, locate and open the video player, then select the video you wish to watch.

After that, you may click the ‘Play’ option to begin watching the video. All you have to do now is hit the ‘Stop’ button when you’ve done watching the video.

The only disadvantage of this game is that you may need to restart the video player if the video does not load.

This video game has the benefit of not requiring any form of download and costing a little amount of money.

It’s also one of the most difficult games I’ve ever played, and I’m confident you’ll be able to locate it online without any trouble.

Another intriguing feature of this game is that it provides you with tips and tactics for learning how to modify videos in Obsession.

This adds to the attractiveness of the game, especially for people who are new to video gaming. If you want to modify your videos in Obsession, you should play the game and begin learning about it online. It’s one of the best games out there, and I’m convinced you’ll enjoy it.

4) How to edit videos in Streamlabs obs

The topic of how to edit movies in Streamlabs is a common one, but it is not as difficult as one may believe. The software’s developer does an excellent job of describing all you need to know, and they even include a video lesson. However, there are a few things you’ll need to know if you wish to edit movies properly in Streamlabs obs.

The program is incredibly simple to use. The user interface displays all of the features, and you can then drag and drop different films to change them as desired.

You can go to the sophisticated editing tools once you’ve gotten a handle on the software. These are more difficult since you must ensure that the video is in the correct location, has the correct proportions, and is free of missing frames.

You will be able to make the most of this program after you understand how to edit films in Streamlabs obs appropriately.

If you want extra assistance, you may see many video lessons on the website that sells this program.

This will give you a decent notion of what you need to do to improve the appearance of your films. Of course, you’ll need to practice before you can edit movies successfully with Streamlabs obs.

When you’re comfortable using the program, you’ll probably want to try it out on some of your own films before saving them. Once you learn how to edit movies in Streamlabs obs, you should be able to do it quickly.

5) How to edit videos recorded with obs

If you have a great voice that has been recorded but would like to make it louder or softer, you should learn how to edit videos generated with Obs. ObsProVocoder is the software package that comes with Obs.

This software program offers a number of features that may help you achieve just that, and you can use them to make your voice recordings significantly more interesting and entertaining.

You may modify video recordings by adjusting the sound levels and altering the background sounds that were also captured.

First and foremost, if you’re going to use Obs to capture videos, you should be aware that you’ll need to be able to adjust several parameters.

These options might help you improve the aesthetic of your films as well as the sound quality. To begin, you may modify the recording level, which means you’ll be able to control the volume and loudness of the recorded sound.

If you record at a low enough volume, the entire recording may become inaudible to the individual being recorded.

Furthermore, if you record at too high a volume, the video you will be viewing back may not be as nice as you would want.

This is because many noises are too loud for the human ear, and when you record at a high enough volume, the background sounds become inaudible.

The volume slider may also be used to ensure that video recordings are not excessively loud for your ears and heads.

If you want to learn how to edit films made using Obs, you should know that the program includes a number of other capabilities that will help you make even more engaging videos.

For instance, if you have a really calm and soothing voice, you may record it and then utilize it as a background sound in the film.

This is a highly essential function since not only is the recording vital in and of itself, but it is also crucial when recording a voice to utilize as a background sound.

You may capture some peaceful music, then record yourself and utilize the audio as a background in your video. You may make your films even more fascinating and engaging by learning how to edit videos made with Obs.

6) How to edit obs videos with movie maker

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to edit Obsidian videos in Movie Maker, you’re probably already familiar with the application. Obsidian Entertainment is the creator of the game Obsidian.

Because this game is described as a combination of fantasy and science fiction on the Obsidian website, it’s no wonder that Obsidian Games is recognized for its high quality and attention to detail.

This is one of the reasons Obsidian has kept making sequels to their iconic games. Obsidian Entertainment is also recognised for its high quality of products and for generating fantastic games, such as Age of Conan, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and Warriors of the Old Republic, an action game.

To edit Obsidian movies using Movie Maker, you should first simply download ans install  the programme. After that, you’ll need to locate a video and store it within the video folder.

On the right-hand side of your screen, you will locate your video player as well as the “Movie” folder. You should then choose “edit” and then “paste” from this menu. This is necessary in order to insert all of the video’s clips within the movie folder.

After that, simply go to the “effects” area of the “Effects” menu and select “apply.” When editing an Obsidian video, it’s critical that you stick to the default settings and don’t change anything.

After that, you may embed the video as many times as you like before dragging and dropping the clips to rearrange them. When you’re happy with how the video appears in Movie Maker, pick “Save” to save the adjustments you’ve made.

After you’ve saved all of your changes, you may input the video quite so many times as you want to re-order the clips and put them into the video folder under the “Movie” folder. After that, repeat the procedure for each of the segments until you get the finished video.

7) Open Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software (Open Broadband Software), an open-source and public cross-platform electronic recording and broadcasting program, was invented and published by the OBS Project.

Since 2008, the program has been accessible as a free download. There are currently versions for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Windows-based distributions.

Users may upload and share their recorded broadcasts using Open Broadcaster Software, which leverages streaming technologies. The program allows the user to control broadcasting from any computer with an internet connection and a regular web browser.

People may also distribute streamed media to many users via RSS and email attachments using the program. Users may also use the program to build unique music tracks by combining pre-made instruments with songs from their own music libraries.

The program may also be used to generate and watch live TV broadcasts. Businesses who need to advertise their services to a larger audience online may find the app particularly handy.

The Open Broadcaster program works by hosting numerous websites on the same server using a basic “webserver.” Web browsers or an optional “remote control” program can be used to administer the websites remotely.

Although a web browser is not essential, it might make viewing web pages easier for individuals who do not have one. A remote control program is available as a separate download or as part of the webserver.

The user may then upload video files and utilize the Open Broadcaster software’s web interface to post and control streaming content.

8) How to edit obs videos with Camtasia

It’s simple to learn how to edit Obs videos using Camtasia. To edit Obs footage, all you need is a high-speed internet connection and the right software, like Camtasia.

You may use this application to make a video that you can watch on your computer monitor or on a DVD player. The first step in making your video editing process easier is to gather a collection of the Obs videos you want to work with.

After you’ve downloaded this file, open it and install the Camtasia player on your computer to get started.

Click the ‘Play’ button after the player is open, then wait for the application to load the file you chose. You’ll see the first tab on the left side of the screen, the second tab on the right side, and the third tab at the top as the Camtasia application loads.

On your left, click the “Play” tab, and then on your right, click the “Edit” button. After you’ve completed this, you should see the ‘Video Editor’ tab and a button to the right of it.

After that, select the “Frame Rate” option and wait for the application to start modifying your video.

You can alter the video by utilizing the text box at the top of the screen and changing the time displayed when the player is running. You can also adjust the number of frames shown during playing.

You’ll see that the video has been chopped down and is ready to view on your computer once you’ve completed editing.

Choose the ‘Video Editor’ tab if you want to learn how to edit Obs videos using Camtasia. If you’re new to video editing, you might want to start with your computer’s basic video editing tool.

If you’ve done this previously, you should learn how to edit Obs videos with Camtasia to have a better understanding of the program’s more complex functions.

Tips for Edit Videos with OBS:

1. Cut, Cut, Cut

You will invariably record certain bits that you do not want during the recording procedure. The first step in editing is to remove any unnecessary or incorrect segments from your video in order to make it more compact.

2. Tell the story

The majority of viewers like to watch videos that convey a story. Do you have a lot of footage? Rearrange them to convey a tale in a different way.

3. Add annotated text

Annotations assist you in reaching out to and engaging with your target audiences. As a result, don’t forget to include speech bubbles, arrows, subscribe buttons, titles, spotlights, and other annotations in your videos. Keep in mind that your annotations should be straightforward and simple to comprehend.

4. High-Definition Video Export

According to studies, a high-resolution video is more likely to stand out from the throng. Exporting your films in a higher resolution is highly recommended.


Now you have learned how to edit videos with OBS. The majority of video editors on the market can help you edit your recorded videos. All of the above may be used to let your creativity run wild and produce unrestricted films.

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