How To Edit Video Online: A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

More and more kids these days are aspiring to be content creators rather than opting for lucrative professions. There was a time when kids aimed to be doctors, astronauts, scientists, and engineers. But due to the digital shift and the age of generation influencers, kids today dream of being a youtube star or a content creator; they dream of owning their own YouTube channel. If you’re also new to this digital space and learning to edit video online, you will be a pro at it by the end of this article!

While earlier kids grew up watching movies and show related to spacecraft and planets and reading books about astronomy, kids these days consume knowledge differently. Children consume hours of media watching featuring their favorite Youtube stars reviewing a toy or talking about fast-moving cars and their likes. The content creators’ community has expanded dramatically over the last few years. Many social media stars are like celebrities for young children.

Their digital identity has taken over completely, and they are viewed as kids’ favorites. Also, the easy accessibility to being a youtube star is one of the primary reasons. Although being a content creator is not an easy ride, it comes with its own perks. The first step toward being a content creator is to learn how to edit a video online. If you’re also new to this digital space and learning to edit video online, you will be a pro at it by the end of this article!

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the step-by-step guide to editing videos online for beginners. But before that, there are certain things you need to consider before diving into the actual learning process. The following are the things to be considered before going for editing:

●      What kind of videos are you looking to make?

Do you want to make short-type or long-format videos that last more than 20 minutes? Either a gaming video or a makeup tutorial? Knowing this helps you narrow down your list of software.

●      A system needed to make videos

Your computer’s performance decides the range of editing software you can explore. Make sure you research properly before investing your money into the system or online video editing software.

Steps to Edit Videos Online for Beginners

So, the first video shoot is done. You have the entire footage in your hand. What’s the next step? How do you transform this into an excellent video? Well, the magic is in your hands! Here is everything you need to know about video editing as a beginner.

  • Multiple takes

While making videos, it is imperative to take multiple shots to have enough options to pick from. Also, make sure you have all the close-ups and wide shots you might need that your audience wants to focus on.

  • Back up your footage

The biggest mistake you can make while editing your video is not to take backups of your footage. Once you have completed the shot successfully, take backups regularly and transfer the footage immediately. There are thousands of stories revolving over the internet where the biggest creators leave their memory cards on the plane while traveling or in cabs. So get the footage copied and get it saved quickly.

  • Your edit space

Where you decide to edit makes a huge difference. Try to find a place that is quiet and good enough to focus. You can even switch on some light music that matches the entire vibe.

  • Organizing your files

Make sure you import your footage from an organizer and organize it in your preferred way. Rather than leaving it all over the place, organizing helps get to that one shot you will be looking for during the actual edit process.

  • Spend time on your footage

Spend a good amount of time watching your footage and each shot you have collected. This helps you better understand all shots and make the best use of them.

  • Beginning the edit

Here comes the fun part! Take out the best shots together and lay them in a proper sequence that matches your timeline. This process is called the assembly edit. It means that you have the best content under one hood, following the complete storyline roughly.

  • Fine cutting

Next, you start to cut all the shots down, remove the end and beginning, and give life to your story. Consider removing blabbering words, boring information, or long pauses that add an unprofessional tone to the video. And make sure it is engaging and crisp. The goal is to attract users to click and view the video till the end. If you’re looking for something advanced, transitions are a great way to maintain the overall pace of the video while giving it an extra character.

  • Watch the video over and over again

Watch the sequence of the video again and again. The more times you decide to watch it, the better you get to know about it. This allows you to take necessary actions, such as slow it down or edit something out. Also, if you need to talk about a moment in more detail.

  • Build up your edit

Consider adding the B-roll, text call-outs, or title cards. B-roll is supplementary images or footage which supports the storyline. It is usually the inter-cut with all your main shots, showing what’s going on! And a title card is added at the start of the video, which includes the title of your video. It helps you decide what your potential audience is just going to see. As your video edit starts to take a shape, remember to add the time for your on-screen elements, such as imagery for other videos you might want to promote or trigger people to subscribe to.

  • Work with sound

Sound plays a significant role in your videos. Audiences on youtube might ignore bad lighting; however, they wouldn’t take a second to get distracted if there is no good sound. So, record your sound well! With sound, music is also very important as it sets the tone of your content rightly. There are several places you can find music on. Make sure you do your research well!

  • Mixing your sound

You should always try to mix different sounds. Although it might appear daunting in the first few attempts; however, with time, you get used to it, and it becomes fun! The rule of thumb is to make sure that you hear your voice clearly. So, turn the music down to support your voice without overwhelming it, and turn it up once you’re not talking for more excitement and drama. Before fixing the music, close your eyes and listen to the entire track a couple of times. And if anything is too loud or too hard to digest, tweak it then and there until it’s good according to you.

What is Colour Correction?

Do you know you can adjust the color of your video and make it look exactly like you imagined? Yes, you heard us right! You can move to the black-white era, boost the saturation, increase the brightness, make colors pop, add contrast and do much more than you can ever imagine. And you’re almost done!

Before making the video live, check everything a few more times to ensure everything is as per plan. Set the export settings and see if your editing software offers the “export to YouTube” option. If yes, export your video on your computer, add the title and start uploading it on YouTube. The best you can do is upload it as “Unlisted” first. It allows you to write a title, description, add suggestions, product links, and so on. Once you’re all ready, flip your video to “Public” mode for the public to see!