How to crack your neck?

Many of us have the habit of cracking the neck, fingers, back and they crack it until they hear the cracking sound out of it, most of the individuals do as they like the cracking sound coming out and thus they do this several times a day. Sometimes it happens that performing such type of activities put other types of injuries with severe pain out of it.

Cracking your neck may be good or bad for you, but doing it forcefully is a very incorrect way and may put you in trouble.

Here are methods that must be practiced during cracking your neck.


  1. Crack your neck with exercise

  • Exercise is the best way of cracking your neck; this must be performed only for temporary relief or moderate pain on the neck. People have the habit of cracking the neck often and thus a minor pain or relief may turn into a major injury and thus increase the pain because ligaments are lacking stability and thus isn’t capable of holding the weight of the head.
  • When you feel that there is a minor pain in your neck then you must not perform any sort of exercise directly, you must wait for some time or must approach someone expert in this field of work. If you try to do it by yourself then this minor injury will become a major injury.
  • If you feel that the pain of the neck is increasing more and more than you must concern a doctor about this problem and must not try for doing exercise again and again by yourself.
  • If you are aware of someone professional in this than you must approach them first before doing it by yourself so that the pain is recovered in a very simpler manner. You must get a review of his/her work so that this may not put you in any sort of trouble.
  1. Cup & reach method

  • First of all, you must try to loosen up the neck muscles to reduce the pain out of it. To do so you must see in downwards and upward direction and must be on this position for 20 seconds. Try to do it 3-4 times.
  • Make a cup shape with your fingers and bring this on your chin and try to reach the fingers on the left side of the face.
  • Bring your right hand at the back of your head and make a good grip and must not hold the head tight.
  • Now move your chin in left direction and rotation must be in an anti-clockwise direction up to some angle. You might here a certain cracking sound; this is due to the pull in the muscle and thus produces a cracking sound.
  • Now interchange the position of your hand, as put the left hand at the back and right hand at the chick and try to do this in the same manner as mentioned above.
  1. Cracking your neck with the help of a former roller

  • To perform this first lie down on the floor with roller beneath your neck and keep your body in a relaxed position.
  • Lift your back upwards with the help of the legs and try to put a certain amount of pressure onto the neck with your hips up.
  • Try to move your neck with the help of the roller in forwarding and backward motion to provide tension on the neck and this might help you to crack your neck and get out of the pan onto the neck.
  • If you want you can practice the same exercise with your back by embedding the roller onto your back and following the same steps as mentioned above.

How is the cracking sound produced by your neck?

You might have heard the cracking and popping sound from joints and neck which is produced when you provide a certain amount of pressure over that joint. In the joints and neck, we have capsules containing a certain amount of fluid, as we apply pressure on that certain area the capsules breaks and the fluid into that get converted into gas form and thus produces a sound out of it. This process of conversion and breaking of capsules is known as cavitation and is said to be harmful in many cases.

In the neck we have joints that are been named as a facet joint, these facet joints are located at each side of the neck to uphold the weight of the head. When you try to crack your neck the capsules in these joints get broken and thus fluid into it radially get converted into gas and thus produce a sound out of it.

How risky is cracking your neck by yourself?

The neck is said to be a very delicate area which is to handle properly so that it upholds the heads very easily. Cracking your neck forcefully you can put you in danger and thus produces severe injury. Sometimes you might have a minor pain onto your neck, first try to do with certain exercise very gently if things don’t work then definitely approach a person who is professional in doing and handling certain jobs and keep this in mind that the person had to handle various cases of such type otherwise this may lead into a major injury for your neck.

If you do not know such a person than visit a doctor and tell them every problem you suffered off. Do not try to delay this sort of minor injuries as they may lead you to trouble in future as the neck is home of many blood vessels and trying this sort of activity may puncture a blood vessel which will give a severe pain or may also lead to clotting of blood in your neck.

The blood vessels in the neck are directly connected to our neck so keeping this point in mind we must not take any decision by ourselves and must concern someone or approach a Doctor so that the problem can be solved in its first stage itself and thus helping you from the future consequences.