How to Change the Thumbnail on Facebook

 Do you post videos on your blog as well?  Like to change thumbnails on Facebook, let’s talk about ‘How to change the thumbnail on Facebook’.

In the event you have only uploaded to YouTube, you are missing out on one of the biggest opportunities for video marketing. The number of videos on your Facebook wall might increase. An important point is to consider is that Facebook needs to be added to the mix. In general, the more views your video gets, the longer it should be. If you’re doing long videos, use less than 3 minutes per segment, or try not to.

Why videos on Facebook?

Facebook is on the verge of replacing YouTube as the next big new popular source of video content. We have been observing a large increase in the use of video ads on Facebook lately. Shares to date from YouTube with 478 percent of the time in terms of social media, the data firm concludes

As seen on Facebook, videos are effective for increasing your brand awareness and engagement, you should not overlook them. How many people worldwide, on a monthly basis, weekly, and daily each watch 2.27 billion Facebook videos?

Native videos are great. Unlike videos, the images don’t require that you load as they are displayed on Facebook. “Facebook videos are finally moving with the times,” said Walker.

Native videos on Facebook are driving up the average watch time spent on Facebook significantly. About 90% of the profile is making use of existing videos. Facebook is important in explaining why the videos garner more interest over YouTube because it is a social network.

The video content greatly improves the reading comprehension of the user, which combined with this fact makes the content outstanding. Pictures/texts have a 1200% better chance of being spread over the internet. Additionally, given that Facebook has recently put a lot of time and effort into video, it is likely to take on an even greater significance in future projects.

How to Choose a Thumbnail for a Facebook Video?


As for image selection, you can only pick from the 10 thumbnails that Facebook picks at random. A helpful hint that I would offer here is to work your images in place, as well as in progress. Creative website development increases your chances of producing a high-quality thumbnail.

When it’s been done before, then it’s awesome; if you haven’t, then go ahead and try it. Now, let’s take a look at the simple steps you’ll need to do to find Facebook video thumbnails.

  • On Facebook, go to your videos and play them. Click on the options, and then click on the link labeled “Edit video.”
  • Select a video thumbnail on the next page that has 10 thumbnails displayed. Select the thumbnail to use on the Facebook videos page or on the newsfeed of your fans.
  • As I said earlier, the only way to improve Facebook videos right now is to add a custom thumbnail.

What is important about thumbnails?

The first thing you see in a video or an image is the thumbnail. A thumbnail is called after the size of a human thumb. The thumbnail, as well as the title of the video, is an important part of the video strategy.

A novel and distinctive thumbnail increase the likelihood that your audience will see your video and watch it to completion. It presents small bits of the video’s content in previews to give them a hint of what to expect. A wonderful Facebook image for your video will distinguish your piece from the rest.

How to change the thumbnail on Facebook?

  1. See a library of your videos in the left column on your Facebook page.
  2. Click the thumbnail to the one you would like to edit, and then do this.
  3. Click the drop-down menu in the upper right and select “edit video.”
  4. Go to the edit mode thumbnail screen, then select the left side with the “+ video details,” and choose “playback in summary”.
  5. You can select one of three options in the Thumbnail window:
    • One of the numerous Facebook images you’ve received.
    • When you’ve made a custom Thumbnail in Canvas or Photoshop, use a custom graphic.
    • Finally, you can review all the video frames and pick out the ones you like.

You will now have a new thumbnail saved to your video.

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