How to Cancel Curology Subscription?

How to Cancel Curology Subscription: Assume you want to maintain your skin as natural as possible, without using cosmetics or following skincare recommendations. In that scenario, Curology acts as a personal skin caregiver who, after getting to know your skin, asks the right questions and creates a personalized mix formula.

Curology is unusual in that it focuses not only on specific substances to test for a month but also on prompt follow-up and assessing the results with prevention strategies. The skincare staff examines any blocked pores, outbreaks, pimples, or dark patches on the skin before recommending a three-active-ingredient regimen tailored to you.

In simplistic words, Curology creates a personalized skin treatment plan for each individual based on a professional specialist’s assessment of the kind, state, and any previous medical history, if any, and then offers a three-ingredient mix skincare plan.

Plans alter in response to changes in your skin’s condition, and the components change as a result.

Curology Cancellation

Curology Skin Confidence Stages –

The best-tailored ingredients meet the needs of the skin.

The two-minute routine and the strategy sent to your location

Personal discussion with the skincare staff, who keeps track of your progress and keeps you informed.

Price of the Curology Plan Subscriptions –

The subscription plan for customized software components starts at $19, and a 30-day free trial is offered to build your trust with real-world experience without spending any money. Under the terms of the free membership, you will be responsible for the $4.95 delivery fee as well as the handling fee.

Curology provided a tailored skincare regimen for the free trial, which included a pH-balanced moisturizer and cleanser created by qualified dermatologists. When your one-month free trial period expires, go to your Curology account and change the plan for a future subscription to receive the advantages on a regular basis.

If you decide you would not like to proceed, you may easily cancel or discontinue the plan. If you want to learn how to cancel Curology, follow the steps outlined below.

How to Cancel Curology Subscription?

To cancel your Curology account’s subscription, go to the Curology Account, then to the Profile page, then to the Payment page, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the cancellation of your Curology account’s subscription. If you choose the tab I wish to cancel, you will no longer be required to pay for any future shipments.

Curology requests certain follow-up questions before final cancellation in order to enhance their service, and once you complete this questionnaire, your account cancellation for Curology membership is officially filed.

Important Point: Interrupting an accounts does not mean that it will be canceled; rather, it will just postpone the schedule until you order your next shipment.

How to Cancel Curology Shipment?

Access the Curology account’s Account settings to deal with a monthly plan shipment. The item is sent every month, beginning with the subscription, and it is not possible to cancel after the product has been shipped or paid for by the firm. To cancel a Curology shipment, go to your account settings and look at the next delivery date. Then click cancel shipment and cancel your membership.

How to Cancel Curology Trial

If you want to learn how to cancel Curology Trial, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Access your Curology account by logging in.
  2. Return to the Payment page by using the drop-down menu.
  3. Now scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click Cancel. You must fill in the answer to the question in the provided area.
  4. Mention why you’re canceling the membership now.
  5. Then choose Confirm.

Curology Product Pricing –

Trial Offers –

Curology’s skincare staff delivers a tailored recipe for skin achievement, as well as other items, as part of the free trial offer. Before changing the free trial order, you can format the goods beneath the lists by adding or removing them. All of the items that are sent are free of charge; nevertheless, the buyer is responsible for paying for shipping and handling.

How to Cancel Curology Subscription Payment Methods —

Curology offers a variety of payment options for its subscribers, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, HAS, and FSA cards. Pre-paid cards, on the other hand, are not accepted.

Curology Email Support –

Once you cancel your Curology membership, an email will be sent to your mailbox for final confirmation; if the email does not arrive, the account will not be deleted. The user advised that the cancellation be confirmed by emailing Curology’s support team at any time. The account is not canceled by sending a text message using SMS services; it only disables the SMS alert. Curology will continue to operate. So, if you need any help or information on how to terminate your Curology membership or account, you should always contact the email support staff.