How to Appear Offline in lol?

The ability to play League of Legends offline is one of the features and choices that many players are unaware of. What do we mean exactly when we say that? Simply said, you may play League of Legends while your pals on the friend’s list see you as offline. Let’s see How to Appear Offline in lol? This may appear to be a pointless option at first, but there are several benefits to adopting offline mode, especially while rising the ranks and attempting to focus on your games. Offline mode is used by all of our Elo boosters, so there’s no excuse not to give it a shot. We’ll go through the benefits of offline mode and two techniques for appearing offline in League of Legends in the next post.

Offline mode has a number of advantages:

Keeping people at bay and playing without interruption We’ve all had that Silver IV friend that insists on pair queueing with us despite the fact that he’s five tiers below us and lowers our LoL MMR every time we play. It’s a lot easier to seem offline than it is to come up with a reason why you can’t play with him. On the other hand, perhaps you have annoying friends that won’t stop spamming you while you’re climbing, or they simply want to be scary as some of those L9 guys. In any case, choosing offline mode will solve the problem because no one will be able to see you when you’re queueing or playing, allowing you to completely concentrate on your games.

This is one of the most effective uses of offline mode, and it works best for high-Elo players and one-trick ponies. Streamers frequently use offline mode to avoid broadcast sniping and trolling, which is one of the primary reasons why it is so popular right now. Individuals on their list of friends often will try to snipe broadcasters in ranking line or ban their new champions their games for attention if they aren’t utilizing offline mode. If you’re a streamer, you can prevent all of this by going into offline mode and making yourself unavailable to all of their buddies on your friend’s list. Everyone wants to be online but needs to appear offline in lol.

On the other side, if you’re a one-trick pony with a large number of pals, the offline mode might be beneficial if you have buddies in the same elo/tier as you. They’ll frequently attempt to champion select snipe you and blacklist your one-trick hero if you’re not playing in offline mode.

When it concerns to leveling up new accounts, playing offline mode is also highly beneficial since you will avoid your rookie buddies and will be able to get the best win rate possible.

How to Appear Offline in lol?

Appear Offline in lol

Nobody can notice you enter into the accounts or perform from it unless they look at your game log or use third-party software like to see whether you’re online. To complete the task, we employ Deceive, a contemporary third-party program. It instantly disables the connection to the LoL Client chat servers, ensuring that no one can see you check-in or play from the account.

It is absolutely secure; it does not steal your information and is completely unaware of it; it just bans chat IP addresses from your connection.

It’s as simple as that.

  1. The most current release from Deceive is available for download.
  2. Instead of using the normal LoL client, start League of Legends with the Deceive client in Admin mode.

You used to have to block Riot chat servers’ IP addresses using a firewall or a bat file to use offline mode, but it’s no longer necessary or time-consuming, and there are no reasons why anyone else would bother while we have software that can do it for us. In this way, you can appear offline in lol.

Issues that have been identified:

  • When launching Deceive, I get an error message.

If you’re getting an error while opening League via Deceive, double-check that you’re using Admin mode. If that doesn’t work, remove League of Legends and reinstall it.

  • LoL is still displaying me on the internet.

Restart the game a few times and it should resolve itself; in other cases, it just restricts one-way access to chat servers, allowing you to see your friends but preventing them from seeing you.

  • Is it compatible with all servers?

Deceive’s offline mode, as far as we know, runs well on all League of Legends servers, including North America, Europe West, Europe East, and North America. The civilizations of Latin America, Korea, China, Garena, Russia, and Turkey are all represented.

  • Is it possible for me to get blacklisted for using Deceive?

You will not be blacklisted or fined in any way if you utilize offline mode; in reality, I’ve never seen anyone else being punished for hiding from their friends, and Riot has backed the third-party tool we use to become invisible, Deceive.


Overall, there are several advantages to adopting offline mode. If you’re trying to avoid a poisonous irritating buddy with a low honor level, a stream sniper, or simply want some quiet while rising, there’s no reason not to go offline every now and again. We all have days when we don’t feel like chatting or socializing with our pals, and thankfully, there’s a simple method to enjoy your gaming session alone.

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