Ishowspeed: How Old Is Speed? Age, Net Worth and Real Name

How old is speed? The well-known birthday website claims that Ishowspeed is 16 years old, however, this is merely an assumption as the YouTuber has not made his age public. To find out more about the YouTuber, continue reading.

Ishowspeed is a well-known American YouTuber who frequently streams video games. On YouTube, he already has more than 1.16 million subscribers.

Additionally, he has 88.3k+ subscribers on the Twitch app.

Ishowspeed enjoys playing games like Lunch Lady, Roblox, and Resident Evil 7 Bio-Hazard. The Youtuber is ranked 1,432 in the gaming category and 18,780 overall on YouTube, according to hypeauditor.

Who is IShowSpeed, a YouTuber?

In 2022, his aggressive video to another YouTuber emerged online, catapulting him into the spotlight. In the video, Darren was defeated in the game and lost his cool. Shut up! know how to play the game, he kept yelling.

After that, a fellow female YouTuber insulted him and stated, “You don’t know how to play the game.” After that, IShowSpeed continued to insult the YouTuber, asking, “Am I talking to a female?” and saying other hurtful things that many internet users found offensive.

He afterward expressed regret to everyone for speaking harshly to the woman.

How Old is Speed?

Age Disclosed:

It’s estimated that Ishowspeed is 16 years old.

Ishowspeed was born on January 21, 2005, according to the website He was created in Michigan, USA.

The YouTuber, however, has not validated the age.

Ishowspeed True identity: Darren Watkins:

Darren Watkins is the true name of Ishowspeed.

On social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, he goes by the handle “Ishowspeed.”

IShowSpeed Mobile Number:

The phone number and address of IShowSpeed were revealed in a recent broadcast.

He said, “I’m not furious about the calls or the leaks, but why do I keep doing this? “in response to the leak in the stream. Why don’t I use greater caution?

The YouTuber started getting unwanted calls from admirers after the disclosure. Since then, the YouTuber has changed his number.

Who or what is IShowSpeed? Investigating His Family:

The American state of Michigan is where IShowSpeed is from.

Since the media figure wants to keep his personal life private, he has kept mum about his family. But in one of the streams, he did introduce his daughter.

Regarding the mother of the child and the YouTuber’s parents, not much is known.

IShowSpeed Net Worth 2021:

The estimated net value of IShowSpeed as of 2021 is $50,000.

The streamer is thought to earn the most of his money through broadcasting various video games on YouTube and from his YouTube account. It is fair to conclude that YouTubers has a luxurious life based on their earnings and advertisements.

IShowSpeed Family (Ethnicity & Nationality):

Bio: This YouTuber has never revealed any information about his family. We looked for his social media profiles and conducted a Google search, however, the precise details of his mother and father are unknown. He never showed his mother or father any recordings or pictures. According to numerous internet sites, his mother looks after the family, and his father works a tiny job nearby.

He has two younger siblings if you’re interested. His younger sister and brother’s names are not yet known. Whatever the case, he is an American citizen who is of mixed ethnicity. In addition, he professes faith in Christianity.

Darren Watkins Jr Father, Mother, Sister & Brother:

Dad: Mr. Watkins.

Mom: Mrs. Watkins.


Brother: 1 brother (Name not known).

Sister: 1 sister (Name not known).

IShowSpeed Girlfriend, Kids & Relationships:

Parts of Darren Watkins Jr.’s private life are known to the public. It indicates that he has given his supporters very little information about his relationship. He reportedly had a loving involvement with Ermony Renee, according to many reports. On their social media accounts, the two also recorded movies and exchanged photos together.

They became split and are no longer together as a result of certain shared disagreements. The specifics of IShowSpeed’s present relationship have not yet been made public because he has currently kept details about his private life private. He also has a little daughter, however, it hasn’t been stated what her name is, according to a few online publications.

IShowSpeed YouTube Career & Profession:

A well-known YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and businessman are IShowSpeed. His Twitch account was reportedly disabled due to certain aggressive reports. Regarding his YouTube account, he started on March 22, 2016. He has 8.8 million members as of June 2022, and his channel had 604 million views. On his YouTube channel, he mostly produces gaming videos.

He enjoys playing Fortnite, WWE 2K, and NBA 2K games. His hilarious remark and amusing facial expression combine to provide a combo that the public finds amusing. Let me let you know that on June 28, 2022, he recently published a video with the title “nothing but optimism.” Within 15 hours of the video’s airing, he had received 1.7 million views.

5 IShowSpeed Facts You Should Know:

  • Additionally, IShowSpeed built its own website to sell clothing.
  • On his official Instagram account, he has 2.5 million (as of June 2022). On his arm, he had long desired tattoos.
  • Basketball and football are his two favourite sports. Let me inform you that he was also expelled from Twitter for breaking their rules.
  • He takes his family on amazing vacations.
  • At his residence, Darren Watkins Jr. keeps a few plush toys.

Where Did IShowSpeed Find Success?

Prior to joining YouTube, Speed delivered meals to senior citizens at a nursing home; he only joined because he was bored during the lockdown in 2020.

He never looked back once his YouTube channel achieved enormous fame, but why was Speed so well-liked?

The YouTuber really began to gain popularity when he began posting videos about NBA2k20 and NBA2k21 since he was one of the few individuals producing high-quality broadcasts about the basketball games at the time.

Even IShowSpeed offered some advice for aspiring content producers, stressing how crucial it is to stand out while still being aware of your areas of expertise.

Speed truly pushed the concept of having a distinctive style to the next level as his videos became increasingly bizarre and absurd and his fan base expanded.

His popularity has mostly grown as a result of TikTok users sharing his youtube and twitch streams around the app.

When he loses a game, the YouTube star is frequently shown yelling, breaking objects, and making funny faces. Football and Fifa, more notably Cristiano Ronaldo, has become his most recent obsessions.

FAQs IShowSpeed

What is the true name of IShowSpeed?

Junior Darren Watkins

IShowSpeed: Who is he?

An American YouTuber, gamer, and media personality, Darren Watkins Jr.

How old is speed?

17 years, 7 months (as of 2022).

What about IShowSpeed’s daughter?

According to certain media reports, he has a daughter who frequently visits his bed to say “Good night.”

What is the net worth of IShowSpeed?

USD $2,000,000 (approx.).

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