How Image to Text Converter Technology Can Help Students in Assignment Writing

Assignment writing is among the things students hate the most. The reason? They find it challenging to collect and compile the information available on multiple online resources. Data collection wastes a lot of their time. Most information sources, especially books and research articles, are not free to read even if they find the data relevant to their topic. Students cannot copy anything from them and are forced to write down everything they need to cite or quote manually. Therefore, most students try to avoid assignment writing and find shortcuts to complete them without effort.

However, collecting information from multiple sources has become more accessible with time. Some tools have been introduced in the past few years that were blessings for students. Out of many technologies, image to text converter is the one that enables students to fetch data from restricted PDF files and the images having texts, and once they get that data and make their assignments faster than ever.

This article is going to discuss how the image to text technology is helping students in assignment writing. But, before that, look at the technology that made photo-to-text converters functional.

How Picture to Text Converters Work?

Most image to text converters uses the latest models of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology which are very accurate in identifying text in images or other documents. Optical Character Recognition first analyzes the data in the pictures or scanned documents, then accurately identifies the alphabets, numbers, and special characters, and finally converts those characters into machine-readable form.

Coming to the benefits of these converters to assignment writing!

How Image to Text Converters Help Students in Assignment Creation?

Photo to text converts helps students in different ways, which are discussed below!

Enable Students to Extract Data from Images

Usually, the universities and colleges bound their students to do research from scholarly articles and books. However, their libraries do not provide access to relevant sources. Students must rely on Google Scholar and other platforms to access research articles and books. However, most of them do not let students directly copy the data.

Students must manually write everything they need from a document, which is very hectic. Picture to text converters supported by OCR technology comes in handy in these times. Students should upload those documents to the converters and then convert them into text. These converters will extract all the written data into the text form that students can easily copy and use according to their needs.

Save Students’ Time

As mentioned above, fetching data from images or scanned documents is a very hectic task which is why students try some other methods to complete their assignments. For example, they hire professional writers or data entry freelancers or use fake references. Unfortunately, both of these tricks serve no benefits. These tricks harm their creativity and affect their grades.

Copying material directly from the books may take a long time as students have to write everything themselves. That’s where image to text converters come in handy. All they need to do is to take pictures or screenshots of those books/pages and upload them into converters. An OCR-based converter can convert maximum pages into text within only a few seconds. That is how they can get rid of copying every word manually.

Make Files Editable

Sometimes students get guidelines for their assignments in pictorial form. Besides guidelines, many pictures also have some helpful materials. To use that material, students need to convert them first or make them editable. The OCR-based online converters help students in extracting data from those image files.

They need to find a good image to text converter and then transform the file using that tool. Students will get all the written data within a few seconds in an MS Word or Notepad file. Once they have an editable file, they can copy its data to use or edit the same file to complete their assignments.

Get Rid of Language Barrier

Language is one of the international students’ most significant issues while studying overseas. Students who have to write assignments in their native language find the language barrier as most online data is in English. That is where these tools help them a lot.

When students get the data in the images or any other format with limited access, they can take screenshots and convert them into text. Once they have the data in text form, they can easily convert it into their language with a translator. That is how these tools assist students in breaking the language barrier and getting good grades.


The biggest challenge for students in academic or assignment writing is getting relevant information from multiple sources. They can easily make unique and knowledge-producing assignments when they have valuable data. However, the problem of finding data can be solved with tools like the image to text converters.

The OCR-based online utilities can make collecting data more manageable, easier, and time-saving. So, if you are a student and facing issues in data collection, especially when writing the literature review, this method is worth trying.