How do I Share YouTube Channel Link?

In this post, we’ll see how to share the YouTube channel link. YouTube is such a large platform with so much content, urging someone to go watch a specific video is difficult. Also, Finding a particular video on your own is quite impossible.

Even YouTube recognizes this unique feature and allows you to post the link to a certain video you want to share in making people laugh or feel something. YouTube has different URLs for all videos, regardless of the type of video or topic.

YouTube is chock-full of videos in genres you’ve never heard of. The more you browse YouTube, the more you’ll discover fresh stuff and videos you never knew existed.

Without a link or adequate expertise, finding a video is quite difficult. There are millions of channels and billions of people that utilize them. You’ll never imagine and believe that there are channels in the globe.

People are filming movies of themselves eating large amounts of food and calling them ASMR videos, or they are teaching other people skills and calling them tutorials. There are millions of categories, and each video has its unique URL.

When you click on it, it brings you to the precise location where someone meant you to go to watch the video they provided you.

This article focuses entirely on how to share the URL to the channel you wish to share. It’s not difficult, and we’ll make it simple for you to follow up and share the link to your favorite YouTube channel with anybody you choose.

All you have to do now is open your laptop and begin carefully following the procedures outlined below, allotting a few minutes to share the link with your friends. So, let’s get started and follow the instructions outlined below:

Step By Step Guide On How do I Share YouTube Channel Link:-

1.To find what you’re searching for, open the web browser you wish to use. I’m going to use Google, as seen in the screenshot.


2. You must now put “YouTube” into the selection box and hit “Enter.” Once it has loaded, Google will present you with YouTube alternatives, which you must select by clicking on the YouTube choice in front of you.

Search YouTube

3. You will be sent to a new page of the YouTube engine, where you may search for your favourite channel. I decided to check for Gujju Unicorn on YouTube, so I went there and found this channel. It’s up to you to look for yours.

search keyword

4. The search will redirect you to the home page of the YouTuber you’re looking for. Now we’ve arrived at the YouTuber’s page, which is something you’d like to share. There is a YouTube channel link at the top of the page instead of the standard HTTP. Select the following link, tap right, and select “Copy” from the drop-down menu.

Copy link

5. You may paste it wherever you want now that you’ve copied it. Paste the URL into the chatbox and hit “Enter” to share it with your friends.

share link


Once your friends have got it, they may click on it, and the link will bring them to the page you choose. This is how you may distribute the URL to your YouTube channel in a few simple steps.

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