How do I fix high CPU usage?

Central Processing Unit or CPU is said to be the main unit for the control as it acts as that of our brain. Keeping our mind updated and refreshed helps us to tackle with multiple numbers of problems. In many cases, this CPU has to work in an overload condition and thus its working condition gets decreases and is difficult to operate. For working easily and smoothly we must be able to fix the problem undergoing in your Central Processing Unit.


What are the processes through which we can fix the high usage of CPU?

  1. Reboot:

    Sometimes it has been seen that you have not restarted your system for a long time this may lead to slow down your system. One thing you must keep in mind before rebooting your system that you must save all your important work going on in the background so that do not lose them. Reboot helps to clear the extra temporary files and thus helps in improving the long-running process.

  2. End or Restart process:

    The first thing you need to do is open your task manager and track the condition of the CPU. If you are dealing with high graphics software and also working on many tabs at a time then there is maximum chance of getting a high usage of CPU, the first thing you must close the unnecessary tabs in the background and again open the task manager and see if there are changes in the health of the CPU if not then restart your system and see the changes in the performance of your system.

  1. Check for malware:

    You must get onto the Windows security option and check for the full scan of the system. It has been seen many times that the malware programs use up the CPU and thus try to slow down the system, so we must work on it and remove such malicious programs as soon as possible.

  2. Keep your Drivers updated:

    Drivers are those programs that have a direct connection with your motherboard and thus it must be kept updated so that they may help give the right command to CPU. BIOS (Basic Input Output System) produced bugs in rare cases and thus we must also lookup into that so that they are fixed soon to get your CPU work smoothly. 

  1. Check for power setting option:

    This problem is seen in laptops only as they might be on the power saving mode and thus run slow to save the power for more sort of time. You can adjust your power saving option but this will also let you charge more often than it was before. You must set your power option on High Performance to increase the speed of the system. 

  1. Reinstall your Windows:

    It has been seen in many cases that most of the methods do not work and thus we are only left with reinstalling the windows which are a very time-consuming process, but this will help you enhance the performance your CPU and thus your system is ready to work without any long process running time.

 What are the steps involved in fixing high CPU usage?

Here are few steps which must be followed as mentioned to get your system work properly.


  1. First, open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc to know the status of the processes running the background and thus also monitor the health of CPU.
  2. Now click the Process tab so that you may get all the right information about the processes going in your system. It has been seen that many games and other programs are not displayed on the front page so we need to get onto this step.
  3. To get the current CPU usage to click onto the CPU column.
  4. Try to sort out the programs with the highest usage of CPU. Commonly, most of the game uses most of the CPU usage as they are designed with high graphics so there is nothing to worry about this sort of situation.
  5. Now note the processes with high utilization as this might help in the future if such problems occur again.
  6. Select the offending program and click on End Process to quit it.


  1. In Mac, you have to open your Activity Monitor and thus will display all processes running in the background.
  2. Now click on the CPU column and sort the high usage in CPU by such processes.
  3. You must note the name of these processes so that you might check onto them if this sort of situation is faced by you in the future.
  4. Now select the offending program and click on Force Quit and thus you let you quit that process.