How to Setup Homlisti WordPress

All WordPress versions are supported by the Homlisti WordPress theme. If you like to use this theme right now, you can download it from the official web page and activate it following their step-by-step instructions. Read on to know, how to set up homlisti WordPress theme.

Homlisti is a WordPress theme designed specifically for real estate agents. It includes everything you’ll need to build a professional-looking website, including one with a custom header and footer section, plugin and widget support, and much more. This theme is ideal for anybody wishing to build a high-quality, top real estate website.

The powerful Redux admin panel allows you to adjust theme parameters that influence the entire website from a single location. Because Homlisti includes a Child Theme, you may make substantial changes to the parent theme without losing the original or custom layouts.

You may show up your unique ad features in list view or with a powerful search function for even more user-friendly displays with Homlisti. You also have control over the fields for all of the advertisements’ listing and detail views. You get search auto-completion and advanced category and location filters when you activate Ajax. Membership and WooCommerce support are two of the extensions included with Homlisti. The theme includes a list map view option for viewing real estate listings. It also comes with a map widget.

For login, registering, abusing, listing publishing, and the contact form, Homlisti has ReCAPTCHA protection. Your users may post articles on various social media via the social media share tools. Homlisti is also entirely responsive and smooth, and its mobile versions are fantastic., PayPal, and Stripe are among the payment channels supported.


This theme requires WordPress version 5.4.2 or above to function correctly. It is strongly advised that you use the most recent stable version of WordPress to guarantee that all known bugs and security problems have been addressed.

Additional requirements:

  • PHP version 5.6 or above is required. However, we recommend that you use PHP version 7.4+ for the best performance.
  • Version 5.6 or above of MySQL, or version 10.0 or higher of MariaDB.
  • A memory restriction of 128 MB or more is imposed by WordPress.

Homlisti WordPress theme for real estate.

Homlisti is a beautiful, clean, contemporary, and stylish WordPress classified advertising theme. You can submit and publish material rapidly because of Gutenberg’s optimization. This theme was built using Elementor Page Builder, which allows you to personalize your website using a drag-and-drop interface.

Homlisti is a beautifully constructed, clean, contemporary, and elegant WordPress classified advertising theme. If you want to use it to create a classified information site and directory, this Theme is ideal for you. It’s Gutenberg-ready, which means you can use a drag-and-drop interface to edit content and change the design of your page. Because of its drag-and-drop nature, email is especially suitable for a website built using Elementor Page Creator.

Its most basic features include four lovely multi-page homepage layouts that may be fully customized using the attractive page builder. By requesting a one-click demo import, you may effortlessly import any of the homepage demos. The four header styles provide a total of five alternative looks. You may customize the colors of each block on your website using Homlisti. You may change the picture size for thumbnails and galleries if you like.

How to Setup Homlisti WordPress Theme

Homlisti is a WordPress theme designed specifically for real estate brokers. The theme is simple to use and adjust, making it ideal for any real estate broker wishing to establish an online presence. Homlisti makes it simple to get started developing a successful company, from setting up your site’s content and structure to including features like social network integration and lead collecting forms. Look no farther than Homlisti if you’re seeking a flexible WordPress theme to help you build a professional real estate website.

• Configure the Homlisti WordPress Theme the traditional way.
• To get started, go to the WordPress Admin area. Choose the Theme from the Appearance option on the dashboard’s left.
• By choosing the Add New option, you may choose an updated theme. Now you must upload the file. The theme will indeed be loaded and required to be enabled after the upload is done.
• It is necessary for you to be active.
• To operate effectively, the theme will ask you to install certain suggested plugins. All of the essential plugins must be installed and activated.
You’ve completed the installation of the Homlisti WordPress theme.

Features of Homlisti theme:


With this theme, you may have as many categories as you like. You’ll also require Homlisti’s limitless custom fields option if you have a larger user base. Various ad types are available. Users may display several forms of adverts using Homlisti, based on what they want to achieve with their ads. You may control whether they are buying, selling, or to-let advertisements from the admin side.


Aside from the admin dashboard, each front-end user has their own dashboard that they may manage from their end. Posting new advertisements, promoting single advertising, checking payments, deleting ads, checking preferred ads, and editing ads are all vital.


Homlisti enables site owners to make money by displaying multiple ad promotion alternatives. Users may pay for top advertisements, bump up ads, and highlighted ads, and they can pay extra.


Homlisti offers an agent program that allows you to make additional money from your site membership and subscription. You may provide members access to all categories or the whole site, as well as a larger quantity of advertisements.


Each of your users may establish their own independent store using Homlisti. They can include large banners with business information and the Agency page’s opening and closing times. This provides visitors with all of the store’s information and advertisements in a clear and concise manner.


Homlisti is pre-loaded with a number of payment gateways, including Offline, PayPal, Stripe, and This theme’s most recent version has WooCommerce integration. As a result, all WooCommerce Payment Gateways, Coupons, and Invoices are supported.


Homlisti offers a live chat function that allows buyers and sellers to speak with one another in real-time.

Here are some additional features:

• 5 Home Pages based on Bootstrap 4 and Elementor Page Builder (Multi Pages).
• 4 Header Styles may create up to 5 different header variants.
• 2 footer design
• There are five different property layouts.
• Layouts for three different types of properties.
• 2 Different Blog Layouts
• Drag and Drop is a method of transferring information from one place to Page Builder included in the package. Elementor is a responsive and mobile-friendly framework.
• Search Engine Optimized
• There are no limits to the color combinations you may make.
• Customizer is included, allowing you to modify theme options in real-time.
• Redux’s Admin Panel is a powerful tool.
• Page Header that Changes
• Design that is simple, trendy, and modern.
• Import demos with a single click.
• Included is a kid’s theme.
• Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 11+ are all supported.
• WPML Translation is available ( also pot file included)
• Support that is quicker and more efficient
• Documentation for Google Web Fonts is included.

Features of the advertisements:

• Control the color of the primary, link, button, and label.
• Thumbnail and Gallery image sizes can be controlled.
• Control over the maximum picture upload size.
• Share on social media Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are some of the most popular social media platforms.
• Registration, Listing, Contact Form, and Report Abuse Form all include re-captcha controls.
• For the listing detail page, there is a permalink control.
• Each post has a different pricing option.
• There is no limit to the number of categories in this category.
• There are no limits on how many custom fields you may create.
• Features for importing locations.
• Rating and review.
• Boost the ad’s visibility.
• The position of the ad markup is displayed via a map widget.
• View the map in a list format.
• Fields that can be customized Show in the List View
• Non-registered users can utilize custom fields in the Search Filter Settings to publish ads (auto account created)
• Location & Category AJAX Filter AJAX AutoComplete AJAX Filter Use the Membership & Store feature to find what you’re looking for. [Store Extension]
• API for Google Maps.
• Option to put your ad at the top, bump it up, or put it in the featured section.
• Set the number of days for the listing to be active.
• The number of days it takes for a new listing to reach the threshold.
• Fields are used to control the Listing View.
• Fields are used to control the detail view.
• Report it as a case of abuse.
• Save this page to your favorites.
• On the listing detail page, there is a contact form.
• Per listing, the number of image controls.
• Approval can be done automatically or manually.
• Locations can have up to three levels, such as state, city, and town, or they can be customized.
• Control of the currency.
• Payment – Authorize & Stripe, as well as an offline and PayPal payment system.
• Complete command over email messages and notifications.

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