Here is how Jan Pro is maintaining Hygiene in Different Sectors!

Jan-Pro was founded in 1991, growing from a single business into an international franchising cleaning chain. Now Jan-Pro Cleaning System of Atlanta has successfully become a franchised commercial cleaning company. Jan-Pro has emerged over the cleaning industry and now has over 99 master franchise offices in 5 different countries. With over 10,000 unit franchisees Jan-Pro has secured World’s #1 fastest growing franchise system of the years 2008-10.

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Jan-Pro is a family business opened by the Rush family and the employees of this company don’t take their job as work, they embrace their daily tasks and be a part of their internal family. Everyone who works in the company is a part of an even greater calling. Each franchise is operated by a separate owner who holds a deep interest in the quality of the work, employee’s bond, and most importantly complete satisfaction of their customers. This company provides many industrial and commercial cleaning services that help in maintaining a hygienic environment in different sectors. Some of these services are:

  • Detailed cleaning schedules
  • Extensive support system
  • Quality controlled systems
  • Quality cleaning methods
  • Comprehensive training programs

With acute safety measures, Jan-Pro serves many sectors in the market and has been excelling in hygienic conditions. Here are some of the sectors in which Jan-Pro has made a big name:

Auto Dealership Cleaning

With the most intense cleaning in the industry, car dealership cleaning is the dearest to our heart. Out of all the sectors, this specific one has our utmost attention. We do our work with integrity and honesty and we are fully equipped with the industry’s leading cleaning technologies. This allows us to take good care of sensitive automobile parts and clean them thoroughly. Thus, for the best commercial cleaning and janitorial services contact us. Here, at Jan-Pro Atlanta, measurable cleaning means guaranteed results.

Healthcare & Medical Office Cleaning

Hospitals and medical offices require more than just basic cleaning. To ensure patient and staff health and safety, it is essential to have a professional medical cleaning company to properly sanitize and clean the area. We believe that healthcare keeps us healthy that’s why it is our duty to keep them healthy as well. Our healthcare cleaning staff is trained differently to endure hazardous situations and in chemical handling. We can keep the workspace extraordinarily clean with the most excellent medical office cleaning services.

Office Cleaning

Jan-Pro knows how important it is for companies to keep their offices clean. Office cleaning provides its employees with a sense of professionalism which leads to more productive and efficient work. In order to achieve full potential at work, it is important to maintain a healthier environment with as few distractions as possible. We will make your office shine so that you can make your career shine. Whether your business is privately owned or public, we try our best in meeting your cleaning needs. We are committed to meet the client’s requirement that is why we create an excellent cleaning schedule that is focused according to your time table.

Industrial – Manufacturing Cleaning

In the Industrial sector, most of the cleaning is done behind closed doors to keep the chemical fumes away from the public. This doesn’t mean that it is any less important. Factories and other industrial sites have to maintain high-quality cleaning to produce good quality products. We also provide quality cleaning to your plants as well to keep the environment healthy and green. At nuclear power plants, our specially trained workers handle the cleaning with acute attention and concentration. We understand the safety requirements of such sites and create customized cleaning services to meet all the needs of a nuclear plant.

Educational Institute Cleaning

The responsibility of educating a child is the most demanding and rewarding profession. That is why school and university cleaning services are of high demand in nature. It is very important for the parents to know that their child is in a safe place that is why we take all safety precautions to keep the educational institute and safe and healthy for the young ones. The cleaning in this sector is crucial to protect the students and staff from easily transmitted illnesses. It is vital to keep such places safe because students and faculty deserve a healthy and clean environment in order to learn and teach to one’s best capability.

Thus, contact Jan-Pro Atlanta for the best cleaning and janitorial services.