Here are 4 Foods You Must Avoid Giving Your Children During Cold, Flu Season

Food is said to be the most essential necessity of every living being and thus its requirement has also increased as seen from that of the previous data. The food we consumed must be of good quality and of proper quantity vacillating from person to person. Children’s are known as the future of the next generation and thus every parent’s try to take good care of their children and thinks of giving them a bright future.

During the season of cold and flu, children get very irritating, and proper care of them becomes the foremost responsibility of the parents to get their child out of that soon. One thing we need to understand that proper food consumption can help you get rid of your illness and thus before giving your child any sort of food parents must approach a consultant so that their child easily get out of that illness. Let us discuss a few lists of the food that you must avoid giving your children during cold, flu season.

Which foods must avoid by giving your children during cold, flu season?

To have a recovery from any illness proper nutritional value and energy is needed and thus a proper consumption of food will help your child achieve that, here are few foods that you must avoid in reach of your children during cold, flu season.

  • Sugary Foods

Sugary food for your child can put your child in reach of the viral infection, as sugar is told to be bad for the children and also reduces the count of white blood cells. Sugary food such as sodas, chemical beverages, candies, chocolate, etc. must be kept away from the reach of your children.

  • Dairy Products

Dairy products such as cheese, milk, cream, etc. contain animal proteins and thus can prove to have detrimental effects on your children and thus may also decline the health and growth of your child, thus the limit of the milk consumption by your child also be lessened and must find a better alternative replacing the same.

  • Histamine rich foods

Foods like mayonnaise, dried fruits, mushrooms, bananas, strawberries, papaya, spinach, pickles, yogurt, etc. contain a rich amount of histamine chemical which helps in making and secreting stomach acid.

It has been observed and preferred for the kids not to consume histamine-rich foods as it leads to a pessimistic effect on the health of the kids and also persuades the production of mucus and makes it difficult for the kids to follow this sort of foods.

  • Fried foods and items

Fried foods for the kids in winter can have a negative impact on the health of kids and thus it is well recommended to make kids have a reach of such sort of food items. Fried food leads to thickening of saliva and mucus which may lead to having health issues for the kids as their body is not developed to sustain such sort of food items.

Treatment for children during common cold

  1. Avoid OTC cough /cold Meds in kids less the age of 6.
  2. You can use Humidifier for kids over the age of one. This works on the same principle of sensation when you get into a hot shower when your nose is stuffy, humidifier uses the same principle but on a smaller scale.
  3. Raise the head of the bed.

All the content presented above is for informational impetus only. It is not specific medical advice, so you must always concern a licensed physician in your area for all the health-related problems.

Kids are the future of the next generation hence all parents try to fulfill all their need but must not allow or give something that may have a negative impact on them and thus must have great concern towards them so that they can live a happy and healthy life for their entire journey of existence.