“Health and Wealth” are considered to be the basic and foremost need of every human being. They both needed to be treated parallelly so that we can make a balance between both of them. It was seen before the COVID-19 pandemic that Wealth became the foremost priority of every human being. We all started chasing behind in the search for money and this led to a decrease in our health. The one thing that each one of us should note down is that ‘Good health is our real wealth’ which enables us to face all the challenges coming in our way. Today, there are still some diseases which cannot be cured, the thing we need to understand is that wealth doesn’t make your life healthy and happy. You need to make your priority right first to your health rather than wealth, as there is a saying that “Where there is health, there is life”, that’s why you should be more important towards your health.

The Health & Wealth Raffle

The Raffle is considered as a game in many countries, whose initiative is to raise fund for specific charity or event. This type of raffle had started from 2003 and from then it had been benefitting many people out of it. It was created by Arizona’s legislation to legalize such a raffle. If you are from the United States then you have the chance to be a part of such sort of raffle. This type of raffle had helped the health Institutes as they get the fund to help the people in need and thus are helped free of cost. This initiative had entertained a lot many of the people and so the fundraising can be huge.

Why should you invest in H&W Raffle?

This is the few key points which may help you to get the advantage of conducting this sort of raffles

1) It will benefit the medical and research student with Scholarships.
2) It will help to raise funds for the patient to be taken care of free of cost.
3) This will help the state/central government economically.
4) The winner will get exciting prizes which will interest them to take part in it actively.

What will be the probability of winning?

In a country like India, the winning probability might be considered as 1 of 100, which is very less but this will increase the level of entertainment and thus will provide a huge platform to work upon. One thing which is to notice is that if you are purchasing many tickets still your probability for that does not decrease, so any need to be very eager about winning the contest.

What must be the Criteria for Raffle?

To conduct such a big task there must be some criteria that must be taken into consideration, that are as follows:-

1) The contestant must be a 21-year-old individual.
2) The contestant must be self-employed.
3) Only one ticket for an individual.
4) You don’t need to be a resident of that country.

There might be a thought in your mind that the game like raffle can waste your money and may change your thinking towards a gambling competition, but if you take this in a positive way you get to know that your money will be utilized for some good purpose or it might save someone life and so conducting a Health & Wealth Raffle can boost our medical field and thus there will be something entertaining that will always be your good memory.