Has Israel set up a way for COVID-19 Vaccine?

Nowadays Covid-19 vaccine is has become a major indeed of the people to get rid of this virus so that they can carry out there as it was earlier. The head of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals has shown a way to get vaccine ready by this October.

The pharmaceutical executive said on Thursday that the before 2021 they would be there with plenty of this COVID-19 vaccine, but still, they are not sure as they have a huge goal of 15 billion and they aren’t sure to fulfill this demand by the end of the year, but still they have shown hope for the people who were stressed of this pandemic.

All over the world 100’s of labs are working on it and 10 of them have stared there testing on the clinical trial stage and India is also amongst them for this Noval corona vaccine, hope for the best as soon as possible.

Albert Bourla, the head of Pfizer, said that they are trying to be ready with the vaccine till the end of the year. They are conducting trials with several possible vaccines with the Europe and United States, They are also working with the University of Oxford to develop the vaccine as soon as possible which is been clinically testing in Great Britain.

Albert Bourla in a press conference said that “If things go well and the stars are aligned, we will have enough evidence of safety and efficacy so that we can have a vaccine around the end of the October”.

It is a good ray of hope for several of us that there is a way out of this problem, as many of us are still fighting out of this and many of them have lost their lives in this pandemic. The whole world is in lockdown situation for quite a long time and also economic crises and unemployment has there in several countries. The governments are giving their best to get away out of this and we have to obey them and help them as an individual as we can.

This is a challenging time for every sector, but the things are still not stopped due to technologies which we are having In this part of the time if it would not the things have been more critical than ever. The education system has also found a way at home to literate their students so that they may not waste their time and thus keep learning. So in this challenging time, we must all try to help the needy in any way as we can and must take precautions to help this coronavirus to not be part of you as October and 2020 is still left with us, this is only the ray of hope that this company has shown to the world the real fight is still left to be with us.