God helps those who help themselves

God is that word in our life which is never seen by anyone of us but the faith in him is still seen in many individuals, this faith and respect in God helps us from many difficult situations in our life and thus these powers of faith in god take us off from many troubles that we are facing. It is seen many times that people usually chant the name of God when they are in trouble, no one tries to think of it when they are happy. One thing we need to understand that God is that positive energy which must be remembered by us in every situation and must say that all we have is just because of god, if we do so we will get to know that we won’t feel proud on ourselves and we will always be away from the negative impact of feeling proud on yourself.

What or is God/ Does God exist?

This sort of question always takes place in many individuals that everyone chants the name of God then who the god is or why is it so important to know god. The answer to this question is very easy, if you try to think it from the soul and not from your mind then you will understand this answer.

The first thought of god occurs in our minds when we saw his creation around us right from our birth. Before we are here and after we will go from here our mind always thinks that there must be some creator who might have done all this for us and we also think that the creator must be also very powerful and big who is capable of doing all this for us. Everyone has a different perspective about god like a goat will say that God is like a huge goat, a black man would say that God is black, a white man would say god is white and brown men say god is brown or a god can be men or women and many ideas maybe there about god and this appearance. This means the idea of god is just an exaggerated version of us and our thinking.

This means that the definition of god cannot be made or understand, we can only get submerged into it, we can experience it and we cannot know or get knowledge about it. In today’s scenario we have god depending on our culture we are belonging to.

There is no other way to know about god, we only can experience it and can get dissolved into him so that we get the experience of god which mostly needs faith in it. We must only follow the ideas and examples set by God to walk upon that path which will lead us to be a vice person.

The Need for help in life

It has been seen that every individual at some of the other phase of life need another person to help them to get rid of that situation, but why do we need someone to help us?

It has become the mentality of many individuals that they can’t live without this or that person or will die if they don’t get that particular thing they want. One thing we need to understand that these are all misconceptions that are generated in our minds by us or by this society. It is also true that we should always help the needy but we must try to make them clear that they alone can help themselves if they want if they don’t want them then they must wait for thinking of the right person who might come and thus wasting their time in this procedure. It might be difficult for some of the other time in a phase of life but the trial must be done by every individual to get out of that situation, if you do not succeed than god is always there, god will come in any form to help you out, but the initiative must be first done by us in our way towards our goal.

Does God help those only who help themselves?

This is not fully true because God is always with everyone as god does not discriminate anyone of us. But this is also true that God wants us to help ourselves as this will make us independent and will boost our confidence about any situation in which we are.

Kindness must always be there between us to help the needy as all do not have that much power to get rid of problems, we have to help the needy person, not the person in need to help them and show them the right direction.

All we have to do is we must continue with our work until we die, we must not think of the profit we get of doing this or that thing as this is done by our god, we must only have faith in God, we as a human being can only work and thinking about any sort of problem is just waste of time and nothing else so we must do the work we are appointed as god only know what is right or wrong for us and thus we get it at the right time. The hard work done by us makes our journey towards success a remarkable procedure to be memorized.

Here is a story to deeply understand the role of god in our life.

Once upon a time, there was a very lazy man in a village and he was fully dependent on others for food and gets it without any sort of hard work. One day he got into an apple farm and started stealing apples from it, at the next moment the owner of the farm came out, so he started running towards the forest to escape out of that owner. At that forest, he noticed a wolf lying on the ground with only two legs, and then he thought that wolf couldn’t run or escape out of anyone but still living happily. He saw a lion coming towards the wolf than he got onto the tree and saw that lion had a piece of meat in his mouth and he gave it to that wolf in need than he got to know that God has plans to take care of his creation and he believed that God must have a plan for him too. After that he got into his house and waited for someone to come and fed him with food, he waited for almost two days but no one came across to help him than in hunger he get out of that place. On his way out he saw an old sage, then he stopped him and told everything about his past incidence, he asked the sage why god showed mercy to that wolf in need and not to him than the old sage replied that it’s true that God has a plan for everyone, but you are taking the sign of god in the wrong way, he didn’t want you to be like a wolf, he wanted you to be like the lion and must help the needy.

We often misunderstand the signs in life and sometimes we neglect them, God takes care of those who have a positive and right attitude in their life, so you must try to see things positively and must help the one who needs it. Don’t make easy choices in life to make it simpler, you must try to make the right choices in life.