Farmpally Advises on Pup’s Socialization in a New Home

If you just bought a new puppy or you’re planning to get a new young dog to your home, it’s important to socialize the young pup.

Even for humans, you’re likely going to introduce a new person to people that are already leaving with you.

You’ll also get him to a few places around so he can get used to the new environment, the same is applicable to your pets.

Home Training

In the first few days of the puppy at home, you can practice home training with him.

Take him out every two to three hours, teach the puppy to find things, and praise him when he performs well.

Establish set times for walking as early as possible, such as after you wake up, before or afternoon, and before bed.

It is important that you watch your puppy carefully.

If he’s nervously sniffing your apartment, this could be a sign that he needs to go to the “dog toilet” – Farmpally advised dog owners.

Don’t scold yourself if something goes wrong at the beginning. If you catch him right there, a short, sharp “ugh” or “off” is enough.

Training young dogs to behave well is not an easy task and the result is not gotten overnight, it requires a lot of patience.

The right time for puppy training

Generally speaking, timing your puppies right is technical.

For an upbringing or a small obedience training session to go well, your puppy should be “ready” for your exercises.

If he is romping around in the garden, intensively exploring a new toy or he’s simply tired or hungry, this is certainly not a suitable time.

Puppies are very eager to learn, but usually do not spend too long on one thing.

Exercises that require your dog to concentrate for a long time are certainly unsuitable to start with.

Rather, you should integrate puppy training into your everyday life and get your dog used to certain rules and rituals as early as possible.

Try to motivate the young dogs to participate in the training session.

Feed him the right way and at the right time, don’t wait till he starts begging for it, praise him if he stays calm when the doorbell rings.

Give him a treat when he manages to wait outside the bathroom door by himself without whimpering.

It is best to integrate the exercises with your puppy into everyday life.

Show them their  Boundaries

Puppies love to explore their environment with the help of their mouths.

They don’t know yet that your furniture is valuable.

In addition, they do not understand yet that humans are more sensitive to biting.

Therefore, at Farmpally, we advise pet lovers to show dogs their limits early and consistently when training puppies.

By frowning at undesirable behavior and extensively praising desirable behavior, your puppy will learn how far to go.

The best way to get your pup off the habit of excessive growling, barking, or begging at the table is to ignore them.

If your dog shows this behavior, the first thing they want is your attention.

If you deny him this attention, he will soon learn that such behavior will not lead him to his goal.

Train him to be Be Alone

From the 12th to the 18th week of life, you can slowly get your puppy used to being alone.

Of course, you should never leave your adult dog alone for too long either.

But in everyday life, there are always situations in which your dog would be a nuisance.

So your puppy should learn as early as possible that he cannot go everywhere.

This works best if you integrate the exercises for being alone into your everyday life without being noticed.

In the beginning, leave the room every now and then for a few minutes without saying goodbye.

Come back in and pretend nothing has happened.

You can gradually increase the time it takes for your dog to learn to remain alone for a longer period of time.

You can only leave the house when you are sure that your dog will remain calm.

If your dog is very affectionate and immediately starts barking or whining, you can vary the exercise.

You should not come back into the room until your dog remains calm.

If you don’t want to leave your excited dog alone, at least ignore him when you re-enter the room.

Only when he calms down you can proceed to give him a treat.

Getting Dog Socialized

The more a puppy gets to know in its first few months of life, the less it will upset it later.

A noisy vacuum cleaner, the washing machine or the television, stormy children, fast bicycles, noisy motorcycles, people with sunglasses, people in wheelchairs or screaming babies, noisy traffic, and strange escalators – there is a lot to discover for a little puppy.

Show him something new every day – You can use your daily walks to repeatedly show your puppy strange places, sounds, people, or animals – But don’t overwhelm your dog.