Facts about Nick Zano

Nick Zano is an American actor who got fame after playing the series known as What I Like About You as the Vince in The WB’sWB’s sitcom. Let us see some facts about Nick Zano. He has been an MTV host as well. Nick Zano has gotten lots of experience and exposure in the acting industry on playing uncountable movies.

Early life.

Nick was born on March 8, 1978, in New Jersey, Nutley. He later grew up in Florida. Since his childhood, Zano has liked watching and performing drama kinds of stuff. His parents separated when he was still young. He was, therefore, raised by a single mother where they lived in his two aunts, grandmother and great grandmother. Zano had a love for pets since he was a child. He had a lovely dog known as Rocco.


Zano joined wellington high school, where he practiced performing drama in the school’s television department. Every week, he, together with his friends, could perform an exciting drama to entertain the entire school members. He wrote the comedies and directed his fellow students on the same. Being the starring in most cases, Zano explored and got more love for acting films and series. He supported many other talented students to successfully penetrate JVC Universal Film Competition which involved more than 800 high schools. They did an excellent job motivating Zano to make acting his prominent career wholly. Also, read about beth Shuey’s Marriage.

Zano engaged and married Leah Rune Cudmore. Leah is an actress. The couple has two children; a son born in 2016 by the name Wyatt Zano and a girl born in the year 2018 named Lennon Zano. Their marriage has been strong since then. Like most successful, they do not disclose their marriage issues in publics

Net worth.

Zano’s net worth has been estimated to around $3 million. The amount is very reasonable.


Zana began working in small television and film projects in a small company located in Hanover, Pennsylvania, after graduating from high school. At the same time, he worked as a producer for a living position, a world Aids Day television hosted by Lou Diamond Phillips. While working at a trendy Los Angeles boutique, a lady employee who was his customer and an MTV employee went back to her supervisors and talked of meeting an awesome on-air personality person. That granted Zano an opportunity to hosting the job of MTV news. In 2003 Zano appeared in The WBs sitcom What I like about you; he took Vince’s role, which appeared in the second season up to the fourth and final season, starring Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth, and the film ended on April 24, 2006. After that, he went on to host and executive produce his reality show Why Can’t I will be you?

In 2007 Zano appeared Haylie Duff and Frankie Muniz in My sexiest year. The following year, he appeared as a minor character along with Drake Bell in MGM’sMGM’s teen comedy. In the same year, it was awarded by Hamptons International Film, Zano appeared at Final Destination film series in the fourth installment. He guest-starred Courteney Cox on the ABC sitcom at Cougar Town. Three years after which he took a recurring role on The CW’sCW’s Melrose place

In the year 2013, Zano appeared as the boyfriend of the main character acting the role of Anna Faris” on Mom for two episodes. The following year Zano was signed to play as a male lead in Liz Feldman together with Ellen DeGeneres’DeGeneres’

His passion for movies all began when he was only 12 years of age after watching a movie titled Goodfellas. Before which, he had dreamed of becoming a Navy seal but changed at the evening of that film. After his high school level, he was granted an opportunity in the (Lost in space) 1998. During this time, he was an acter Associate producer, Living positive, on World Aids Day hosted by Lou Diamond Phillips. In 2001, Zano began auditioning grind daily. He had a quick wit and a charming sense of humor which made him the best and favorite among the casting directors. They could see even him read even when his looks were opposite of that of the character. Zano now has a Rolodex overflowing movie knowledge, which acted helpful in landing the hosting gig on MTV’s.

He has performed in many other movies and series.

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