Facial Yoga Exercises to Keep the Face Young and Without Wrinkles

Just like you tone your body each morning, spend 10 minutes of your day working out your face and neck muscles with these simple facial yoga exercises.

One of the wishes that all women have is that our skin remains smooth forever. In order to achieve this impossible, we apply creams, serums, masks, and even resort to botox and cosmetic surgery to look perfect. However, we can also exercise the muscles of the face to regain the elasticity of the skin and make the face appear younger. Now that we’re home, set aside 10 minutes a day to do these simple facial yoga exercises and stimulate collagen and elastin production. Learn more about face yoga

In total, we have more than 30 facial muscles that are responsible for making expressive movements. Working these muscles is essential to strengthen and tone them, “just like the muscles in the rest of the body. ” This is how Laura Parada from the Slow Life House aesthetic and nutrition center assures it: «With facial yoga, the muscles of the face are worked, avoiding their loss of volume and tone. The way to do it is through repetitive exercises, stretching, and massage ». If you are interested in this discipline, keep reading, we propose a simple routine to be simply radiant.

face yoga

10 minutes of facial yoga daily can delay the signs of aging

Tones the neck muscles

The first exercise that we present to you is called Neckroll ‘. Place your head in a neutral position, facing forward. Then turn it to the right side until it is aligned with your shoulder. Leave your head in this position for 6 to 8 seconds and then return to the original position. Then perform the same movement to the left and repeat each exercise 3 times. With the Neckroll ‘you will be able to lift and tone the muscles of the neck.

Once you have finished, return to the starting position and place your fingertips on the top of your neck, then carefully slide them down and tilt your head back. Once you have done it, repeat it two more times. With this exercise you will tone the muscle in the front of the neck, helping to reduce wrinkles and reduce sagging skin.

The neck is a very important area that we always put aside. Like the face, we must apply creams and massage to tone it

Say goodbye to a double chin

The following facial yoga exercise is destined to take down one of many women’s complexes, the double chin. Place one hand under the chin, as if you are holding the head. With gentle movements, push your chin down. Alternating this movement with each of your hands and repeat it constantly for three deep breaths.

Kissing the sky is the name of this exercise that helps you restore firmness to the jawline and neck. To do it, you just have to throw your head back, until you are looking at the sky, and stick out little snouts as if you were going to give a kiss. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of this exercise more than once.

With gentle movements from the chin to the neck, you can exercise the area and reduce it

Eliminates bags and wrinkles from the forehead

Form a V with your fingers, place them at the ends of the eyes, apply a little pressure, and massage the area with up and down movements. With this simple exercise, you will be able to reduce the annoying bags that form under our eyes, the well-known dark circles that over the years are more difficult to hide.

Now form a C with your hands, placing the thumbs on the cheeks and the index fingers at the limits of the eyebrows. Then gently push up with your index fingers, as if trying to raise your eyebrows and open your eyes wide. Hold this pose for two seconds and then relax your face. In total, you must do three repetitions and in the last one, hold 10 seconds. With these simple stretches, we aim to firm the forehead and reduce wrinkles and expression lines.

A luminous and cared for skin

And to show off a glowing skin every morning without the need for makeup, what you have to do is give yourself small pinches all over your face, cheeks, nose, forehead…. In this way, you activate circulation and stimulate the production of the agents responsible for providing volume. Don’t be gross, we’re not talking about real pinches, but little skin squeezes.

Once you’ve done these simple exercises, continue with your daily facial care routine. Clean the face properly, apply your moisturizing cream, your serum, and your eye contour, with gentle massages, and take advantage of the fact that we do not leave the house to let the skin breathe and not use makeup.