EuroXN Review – What Are the Key Features Of This Broker?

EuroXN Review

Brokers like EuroXN aims to make online trading easy for traders. The crypto trading business is extremely competitive, and cryptocurrency investors now have access to a diverse set of brokers. Some brokerage firms may appear to have many advanced features, yet they may be situated in a country where cryptocurrency trading platforms are relatively loosely regulated. Other firms, on the other hand, adopt a more careful approach, seeking to attract clients by providing a licensed and honest service.

In this review, we’ll start by looking at EuroXN, a cryptocurrency trading platform geared toward cryptocurrency investors. EuroXN provides a straightforward onboarding experience for beginner cryptocurrency investors, but the firm also caters to more experienced users with its Professional Trading platform and API connection. Clients who want to invest larger sums can use EuroXN’s OTC desk, which is designed to facilitate deposits of $50,000 and more.

EuroXN is a legal company that was established in 2016. Because the platform is regulated, customers must identify their names through the KYC process before trading cryptocurrency on the platform. Also, know about ETH to USD conversion.

Let’s go over certain firms’ key features in this EuroXN review.

EuroXN Advantages

  • Transparency and adherence to regulations
  • Grade A security procedures, including frequent proof-of-reserve audits, are in place.
  • fiat-to-crypto exchange options
  • BTC owned by EuroXN users are protected at no extra cost.
  • It caters to both new and experienced users
  • A comprehensive customer service center

Account Options

This brokerage firm offers 4 account options for the clients. Junior account, Senior account, Executive account, and Presidential account. A minimum requirement of $200 is required to open the Junior account. Account names are mentioned in a series and the minimum requirement to open an account and level of expertise increase in the same order.

Fees And Account Funding

EuroXN accounts can be funded via bank transfers, VISA cards, Master Card, and other methods that are convenient to investors. Users have the option of depositing any of the cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. The great majority of consumers will choose Interact e-Transfer since it has a modest requirement of $100 and transactions are completed within 15 minutes in length but can require up to 1 to 6 hours based on the period of the day. Bank wires are designed for bigger payments.

For both purchasing and selling bitcoin using the Express trade function, the maker fee is set at 0.1 percent and the taker fee is set at 0.2 percent. The maker charge is set at 0.1 percent for both buyers and sellers on Pro Trade, while the taker cost is set at 0.2 percent. Overall, EuroXN’s costs are comparable to those of other brokers. The pricing schedule on EuroXN’s official website provides a more thorough summary of their fees.


EuroXN has put several measures in place to protect both deposited currencies and client accounts. EuroXN’s servers are maintained by a variety of cloud services that adhere to critical security requirements.

The brokerage firm also conducts proof-of-reserve checks regularly to verify that they have sufficient bitcoin to satisfy all of their customers’ commitments. EuroXN’s 2020 proof-of-reserve report looks like this.

EuroXN is one of the cryptocurrency brokerages firms that provide 1:1 BTC insurance. This is made feasible via a collaboration with the Bitcoin security firm Knox, which offers security services for the firm’s Bitcoin assets.

Users can safeguard their accounts by requiring two-factor authentication when signing in or making trades. This protects customers’ data even if their password is stolen.


EuroXN is a cryptocurrency broker that caters to both new investors seeking to make their initial cryptocurrency investments and traders looking to trade major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. EuroXN offers a legal platform with great clarity, as well as outstanding security measures including 1:1 insurance on customers’ cryptocurrency deposits. EuroXN is certainly intriguing especially for traders looking to utilize leveraging or trading exotic cryptocurrencies. Would you like to consider giving EuroXN a shot? Sign up right now.