Does mental power helps you to get rid of illness?

It is a well-known fact about today’s scenario that people nowadays are more concerned about medicine rather than there health, it has been a habit of many individuals to be dependent on medicine to decrease their pain. We know that our body is made up of five elements that are Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space, and deficiency of each element may lead to feeling down. It is said that all these elements must be taken in the purest form, to better understand this let’s take an example of infrastructure, we know that if we use the good quality mixture to build that it will last for long, if not then it will damage as soon as possible, same is with our body too if we are not taking this in their purest form than this may have an impact on our body.

Mental Health

How do our ancestors use to get rid of their illness? 

Before the rule of British empowerment, it was seen that there were not as many doctors as today we were having but still, they used to be healthy, they know how to get rid of many problems without any medication or a Doctor, but we nowadays have a habit of taking medicines and other treatments even if there’s a small pain out of it. In few years only mental condition of human beings had changed a lot, many of us are not in direct contact with the pure form with the five elements, and this leads to the change in the mental condition of a lot of us. We need to keep in mind that if we have a problem then the solution is also within us only, there is only a need for the right approach and that is only possible with good mental health.

What makes us ill mentally?

It is mostly seen that the illness might be due to your thoughts and these thoughts also change the body language of a person. Your body is very helpless, so you need not make it anxious by your useless thoughts as they are affecting you physically and mentally if you think you have crossed the limits of your thoughts and cannot be so normal then you must try for the medication but also try to make your mental health strong. It is your foremost duty toward yourself to make your mind too friendly so that any thought may not affect you. Your mind is your servant it only works by you, so you have to make it as your friend, not as your enemy.

What makes your mind to be your enemy?

You need to understand this fact that your thoughts are just making your life to be spent and you won’t get anything out of it. Your small mistakes can lie onto the bed of the hospital and after you get off there will be a huge difference between your conditions as it was earlier. You need to make sure that your mind does listen to your thoughts and must help you to get beautiful ideas out of it, you are the only one who makes your mind poisonous from anger, hatred, etc. that makes you die not another person to whom you have all of this hatred as the poison is taken by you, not by the others. If you are unable to get rid of this situation than you must take a break from all the activity and must have a peaceful life for a time and must make think on it as this poison will not work for you nor the society and will make you a useless person in this world, which you do not want to be. If you living your life happily then the whole world seems very beautiful to you and this also helps to work for that day with great energy. It’s your foremost duty towards yourself to end up all your suffering and this will help to improve your health and your illness.