Cheetah Keyboard Review

For many mobile devices, smartphones are a lifetime, they store a lot of personal information, including photos, and videos. But usually, these gadgets are used for communication in various instant messengers, and it is the correspondence that takes the main place and takes a lot of time. But in order for typing to be simple, fast, and convenient, a functional keyboard is required. The basic version is not always satisfactory, it can cause inconvenience and problems. But you can use an improved option – install the updated Cheetah keyboard. You can also additionally download Cheetah keyboard old version.

The Cheetah keyboard is specially designed for mobile devices. It has a stylish design, a beautiful and modern design, and a functional interface. But it also provides convenient operation, typing on it is easy, and fast, and it can be adjusted to the size of the display of a mobile device. In addition, the Cheetah keyboard includes a huge number of themes, and functions, their diversity is simply amazing.

Overview of the Cheetah Keyboard

Cheetah keyboard has a huge number of themes, they have a stylish look and unusual design. If desired, you can choose a design in accordance with the screensaver of the phone. If you have to work on a mobile device, namely to engage in typing a large amount of text, then you can choose a theme with a soft, monochromatic design that will not strain your eyes.

The keyboard is great for inexperienced users who want to boost their typing speed. It is equipped with functional modern technologies that make the process of typing characters easy and fast.

There is another quality that makes the Cheetah Keyboard stand out from the crowd of keyboard applications – it has the ability to work in 3D. Namely, it allows you to type voluminous characters, and create unusual text styles.

Cheetah Keyboard

Keyboard Features

When exploring the unique Cheetah keyboard for mobile devices based on the Android operating system, it is worth studying its technical characteristics. The application is equipped with a functional online dictionary, which includes a large number of words and phrases. It makes watching movies, and videos convenient, and quickly translates unfamiliar words. It can also be used to translate certain titles, sayings, and songs. The dictionary is very convenient when communicating with foreigners.

The Cheetah keyboard has another useful feature – it keeps track of user messages without revealing them, and it can give you the most frequent replies, it automatically remembers them. If you meet with a friend every day and you need to constantly confirm that you will come to the meeting, for example, to the question “Will we see you today?” you need to answer constantly “Yes, at 5 o’clock”, then you can not print the answer, it will come out automatically.

The keyboard includes thousands of different themes that are free to use. If you wish, you can put options with motives of nature, with flowers, and animals. There are also unusual options – 3D, graffiti, cartoons, films, and much more.

A quick swipe is another useful feature that is reflected in your typing speed. You don’t have to type letter by letter – just slide your finger over the letters and the words will just pop out.

We all get tired of typing sometimes – whether it’s a long day or we just can’t focus on typing at the moment. That’s when voice input comes in handy. Feel free to relax and just send voice messages.

All these useful and unique features are combined in a keyboard for Android mobile devices. All users can use it, no money is required for installation, just download the application from the Play Market. The keyboard will be installed automatically, and after that you can immediately start setting it up and using it.