Certified Information Security Management

The Isaca certification induces that the candidate has the experienced knowledge to manage and develop the program of the security for information of the enterprise. This certification is known as CISM Certified Information Security Management. Non-profit and the independent organization which proves that the candidate is involved in the management and the governance of risk and the information security is the ISACA. The certification program of the CISM is offered by the ISACA.

This certification of CISM is intended for the managers of information security or the consultants of the IT who support the management of the information security. The CISM certification is ANSI accredited under the ISO/ IEC 2003.

To maintain the certification the candidate should have sustained an adequate level of knowledge and must be professional in the field of the security management of the information system. He must complete the continuing professional education’s CPE 20 hours every year and have to follow the Professional’s Codes of Ethics of ISACA.

All candidates who have an interest in the CISM can apply for the exam because it is open for everyone. Every candidate is encouraged by this field to look further for the future and to appear in the examination. There is no boundary for anyone and the candidates who are successful will get the information regarding applying for the certification by a notification of their passing scores.

This certification of CISM offered by the ISACA is adding credibility and confidence in the candidate in their interactions with the stakeholders, internal or external, peers, etc. this is for those who have the motive to move from the level of the team to the managerial level. The Isaca CISM Exam Dumps can validate the commitment of the team to increase the retention of the customer, their security and integrity, etc.

CPE Policy:

The CPE continuing professional education actually differentiates the qualified CISM candidates from those who meet all the requirements of CISM certification and those individuals who don’t fulfill all the requirements essential for the CISM. Continuing professional education CPE tells the competency of the candidate and tells that all CISM are carrying the required level of proficiency or knowledge. Those who fulfilled the CISM CPE policies will be best equipped to manage, oversee and design the information security of an enterprise.

Exam Overview of CISM:

The examination for the certification of CISM certified information security management covers the domains like

Governance of Information Security:                                                               24% of the exam paper.

Management of Risks for the Information:                                                      30% of the exam.

Development, and Management for the program of Information Security:     27% of the exam.

The Management for the Incidents of Information Security:                          19% of the exam.

CISM certification expires after three years from the date of issue, after which the certification holder will need to renew their certification.

Skills and Requirements for CISM Exam Certification:

For the certification of the CISM, the candidate must have working verified experience in the field of information security. The experience must be of at least 5 years with an experience of a minimum of three years in the field of management of information security in three or more than three contents of the CISM. After the date of application, the experience must be gained under the 10 years of time limit or the experience can be gained within the 5 years after the applicant has passed the exam.

How Hard Is CISM Exam Certification:

The Certified Information Security Management exam is in high demand and provides you with worldwide recognition. But clearing the exam is no child’s play, it’s tough to qualify for CISM certification. With only a 50-60% first-time passing rate, it clearly shows it is a difficult exam certification. Other than this the exam questions of CISM certification are quite tricky, conceptual, and test your technical knowledge. But you can pass and qualify for the certification if you have proper information, knowledge, and experience of the domains of CISM exam certification.

Exam Summary of CISM Certification:

The CISM certified information security management exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions. The scoring method is scaling on 200 – 800 and the passing marks for the certification, the minimum passing marks that show the candidate has a minimum level of knowledge, are 450 marks. This standard is all set by the ISACA committee of certification. The exam is held in English, Chinese Simplified, Japanese and Spanish languages. The time duration given to complete the exam is almost 4 hours or 240 minutes

When you register for the exam the eligibility period starts and is for at least one year or you may say the 12 months. The fee for the exam should be required during the eligibility period after registration. You have to pay the fee before you schedule your exam after eligibility and the candidate’s fee will be fined or deprived if he did not schedule the exam within the eligibility period which is 1 year before the exam. Deferrals and extensions in the eligibility period are not allowed.

How Do You Prepare For CISM Exam Certification?

Here I will share some simple steps to follow for qualification of CISM exam certification, you can simply follow these for better preparations of your exam paper.

  1. First, you should have basic knowledge of CISM exam certification.
  2. Review the CISM body of knowledge, which includes basic domains of the CISM.
  3. Make sure to have a CISM study plan.
  4. Buy the text ISACA study guide for the preparation of CISM exam certification.
  5. Do a CISM training course.
  6. Use another resource for CISM certification.
  7. Do lots of practice of CISM certification exam questions.
  8. Taking the exam paper (sample).

You can prepare your exam studies via online courses, such as exam dumps, pdf files, study sources like online lectures, and other sample questions. You can visit www.dumpsleader.com, Microsoft, and other websites for preparations. You can have your final preparations within 4 to 8 weeks of time span. All you need is to follow your study plan to complete on-time preparations.


Certified Information Security Management is the best certification to lead a bright future. You can follow this article before applying for the certification for proper detailed information.