Celebrity Inspired Beard Styles for Bald Men

Hair loss has become a common problem all over the world. Each and every man starts losing hair at some point in his life. In this situation, many people decide on a completely bald look with an Electric Head Shaver. If you have preemptively shaved your hair all down or if you are complete without hair, you can gift yourself a completely different look by just growing a beard and other facial hairstyles. When it comes to facial hairs, you have endless options in your hands, from full beards and perma-stubble to goatees and mustaches, which enhances the look of a fully bald head. Have a look at some of our top favorite bald celebrities, who have alluring beard styles.

(1) Tom Hardy:

Tom Hardy is popular for his Slightly Shaggy beard style. This is probably the easiest beard style that can be achieved with a Shaver Kit so far as a full beard is concerned. It might consume a significant amount of time to achieve the required length, but once it’s there, it requires minimal maintenance. In this beard style, the sides have shorter hairs and the shin has longer hairs. You need to just shape it with a trimmer in the meantime or at least once a week.  This beard style looks best with a completely bald head, but it would also suit well even if you have a short buzz on top.

(2) Jason Statham:

Statham has rocked the Two-day stubble look like one of his signatures looks. You can easily achieve this look. Just put the razor down for a few days and make use of a Shaver Kit containing a beard trimmer in order to keep it at the perfect length on a daily basis. Moreover, this look easily mingles with the stubbles on the side of his head giving him a cool and purposeful look.

(3) Stanley Tucci:

His beard style is popularly known as Stubble Goatee. This style is just a contrast to the shiny scalp and thus modulates his look. Just in the Goatee area, there is an ever so delicate shape suggesting that Tucci deliberately left that area for a day or two more growth, but it seamlessly mingled for a casual look.

(4) Dwayne Johnson:

Nothing can be more traditional than the Classic Goatee beard style, but that is actually where the charm comes from. A simple, exemplary look that suits pretty much anyone, and is often compared to the blue jeans of facial hair. Just keep your beard hair constricted to the mustache and chin by making use of Electric Head Shaver with only thinnish lines connecting them. Make sure that you keep the length moderately short and the same overall.

(5) Common:

A Full and Rounded beard style is what gives Common that alluring look. You might be under the impression that to soften the look of a bald head, it’s better to make your beard super angular. But Common showed through his look, that the opposite can also be true. When a full beard is cut in an oval shape, and when there is no hair on top to add height, this beard style gives you an elongated face making you look slimmer and taller. You can really show off the shape as this works best on thick beards and heads up, it requires regular trimming with an Electric Head Shaver.

(6) Brian Cranston:

His beard style is popularly known as Full Chin Cover. Almost similar to the classic goatee style, with the chin, mustache, and lines connecting them, but here occupying a greater surface area. This style offers more coverage being a little bit longer. It looks slightly less shaped than the classic ones, mainly due to the longer length and wider shape. You would only require general maintenance using a Shaver Kit.

(7) Idris Elba:

His beard style is popularly known by the name Slightly Pointed. The prime beauty of this beard style is that the shape seems quite organic. Elba is a cool guy who favors a type of hybrid look and this beard style can perfectly deliver that. Obviously, this style demands a bit of length which would take a while to develop, but he makes use of an Electric Head Shaver to keep it longer on his chin and shorter on the sides. But, to develop the phantom that this is how the beard naturally grows, they are softened on the neck and cheeks, instead of the crisp lines.

The Bottom Line:

So, these were some of the most popular beard styles for bald men which are all celebrity-inspired.  Gift yourself any of the above-mentioned Celebrity Inspired Beard Styles for Bald Men looks with the help of Head Shaver and flaunt a glamorous look.