Can You Change Your SoundCloud Name?

Songs uploaders should use great care while selecting the name of their SoundCloud account, as it is the primary means of recognition for their music, playlists, and other material. You can make adjustments to your SoundCloud profile in the Profile options section, such as your username and first name. Every time you think of that can you change your SoundCloud name? In this post, we will explore the same as well create to let occurring off it.

Soundcloud was started in 2008 and has 34 million US users by 2014. Artists including Post Malone and Kehlani had grown in popularity, as have demos and podcasts.

Since it is free and has a big preponderance of musical skills, new musicians are flocking to it. Keep their username and identity on a network so that your admirers can find you online.

What if you modify your name or the URL of your display profile?

You will be able to access your new SoundCloud URL and screen name within SoundCloud, but your new Google search results may well not disclose it. As of yet, Google’s cache hasn’t been refreshed.

Your profile URL identifies your account to others. Changing this URL affects all of your links and embedded players. Disable players developed before August 2010 as they may be incompatible.

Anyone who listens to your music will continue to do so, but anyone who visits your SoundCloud website and clicks on the embedded will be taken to an executable file. If you change your profile URL, we may not reroute.

How to change your SoundCloud name on the website?

  • Please click “Sign in with an account” if you already have one.
  • Towards the right of your username, click the profile symbol.
  • On the right side of the screen of your profile, underneath your header, you’ll notice an “Edit” button.
  • Once you’ve completed your desired changes, select the “Save Changes” option.

How to change your SoundCloud name on mobile?

  • When you’ve signed in, click the “Add tracks” button, find the SoundCloud music you wish to add and click “Download.” If you open to a SoundCloud app for iPhone or Android, you’ll get a similar UI for changing your display name.
  • Click the “Library” icon in the SoundCloud app’s lower right corner.
  • In the upper right corner of your homepage, click your profile picture.
  • Whereas Android users see “View public profile,” iPhone users see “Your profile” with editing options.
  • Hit “Save” if you modified your display name in the settings.

How about if the URL you want to use is already taken?

If another person has used the URL provided, you may receive a notification. Take a different approach. Try to reach as much diversity as you can till you are satisfied. The user experience will be improved using the same login on all social networking platforms and your site. One should really be constant in your material because it is possible that your potential fans will search you via the web.

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