Can I Change The Type Of Roof Material On My Home?

Changing Your Roof, Materials Make a Big Difference

There are several materials that are regularly used for roofing homes, and they can be changed throughout the lifespan of the home if required. The shape of the roof and the structure can dictate which materials are best suited to the home, and for the best use of some materials, the roofline may need to be adjusted as well.

Aesthetics of Your Home, Value, and Longevity

The look and feel of your home can make or break the deal. The value of a well-kept home is significant, and homeowners should do their best to keep the property up, especially the roof.

Choosing a Roofing Material

According to one Roofing Contractor in Gold Coast Australia, one of the most popular materials for roofing is shingles, and they are most often asphalt. Within this type, there are a few styles that can be used, including the traditional 3 tab shingle that comes with three portions connected, the architectural shingle that is also created with asphalt but is available in many shapes and sizes, and wooden shingles. For those with low slopes on their roofs, a rolled material is available that is similar to asphalt shingles in composition but comes in one roll that is unrolled and attached to the roof.

Cedar shakes are also available to provide a look that is similar to shingles but made from wooden portions that have been separated and placed upon the roof. For another alternative material, a metal roof can be installed either in sheets that overlap and connect, creating standing seams or in metal shingles. Metal shingles offer the advantages and longer life span of a metal roof but offer an appearance similar to shingles.

For the longest-lasting roof, a clay tile can be used in many locations. In areas that are near saltwater, these may be the best choice as they will not be damaged by the salt in the air, will not lose their appeal or strength, and will not corrode. It is a more expensive choice; however, it can last for a century before needing replacement and is the longest-lasting of these choices. Only the slate tiles on a roof will outlast the clay, easily lasting anywhere between 75 and 200 years before requiring replacement.

Eco-Friendly roofing is also available for some homes and in certain locations. Here moss or greenery is used to create a roof and offer insulation to the home. Some with accessible roofs that they can reach will be able to grow plants and even create a garden with this roof style.

Replacing Current Roof Material

When preparing to replace your current roofing materials, it is important to consider the slant of the roof, as flat roofs are best suited to different materials than pitched roofs and their accessibility before considering a green roof or other that requires maintenance. Also, consider the location of your home and which is best suited to the climate and weather that occurs.

The cost of a new roof will include the removal of the old roofing materials and disposal, as well as the cost of the new materials plus installation. Some do installation of asphalt shingles themselves; however other materials are more complicated and should be professionally installed.