Can Hybrid Workplace Software Help Your Office Become Better?

Ever wondered what a good hybrid workplace software setup looks like? As a manager, you are thinking along the lines of a productive work environment, streamlined processes, happier employees, less wasted resources, and even lesser wasted time.

Perhaps, you already have processes to improve on the parameters mentioned above. But if they are manual, in this day and age, you are wasting a lot of time and effort.

Installing hybrid workplace software can help you automate repetitive manual tasks, streamline processes and help you collect more accurate data about your hybrid workplace. Here is a better look into how it helps.

1. Better Workforce Management:

Managing an optimum number of employees on the premises using spreadsheets can get hectic. Besides, the spreadsheet fails to offer real-time updates, resulting in inefficiency.

However, hybrid workplace software enables better workforce management through basic human resource management, including timesheets, labor-management planning, reward systems, leave management, job scheduling, and accounting functionalities.

2. Better Collaboration:

Better communication and collaboration between on-premise and remote employees are vital for a productive work environment. However, in a hybrid model, remote employees often feel that they miss out on office decisions, conversations, and work-related updates.

This results in communication and collaboration issues, leading to employee disengagement, which is bad for any organization. Thankfully, hybrid workplace software offers better collaboration by seamlessly integrating workforce management solutions with communication tools like Slack or Microsoft teams. Thus, it keeps all the employees updated and on the same page.

3. Employee Scheduling:

In a hybrid model, scheduling employee shifts as per job requirements and shift preferences is critical. A hybrid workplace software addresses this concern too. A hybrid workplace software with its employee scheduling feature automates shift scheduling and offers a better vision of employee shifts and duties allocated on a single dashboard.

Furthermore, some platforms enable auto shift-swapping by matching employee availability with the role assigned in case of shift change requests. The best part? Employees get quick notifications of the schedule change. Thus, complete automation ensures accuracy and allows for better time management.

4. Meeting Room Management:

Managing meeting schedules and booking meeting rooms based on real-time status is cumbersome in a hybrid workplace. Besides, when mismanaged, it can lead to inefficient meeting room utilization.

Thankfully, hybrid workplace software offers meeting room recommendations based on meeting agendas. Thus, using them for meeting room booking ensures employees book rooms based on their requirements. Furthermore, installing hybrid workplace software offers the following benefits-

  • automatically updates meeting room occupancy and booking capacity details for optimum utilization of meeting rooms
  • displays meeting details like the organizer, attendees, schedule, etc., to keep employees informed
  • offers meeting check-in windows, so booking gets canceled if attendees don’t check in before the window ends
  • handles no-shows meetings automatically by updating the status to unoccupied or free for booking when nobody shows up for the meeting
  • offers key metrics on meeting cancellations, room utilization, etc., for better decision-making

5. Desk Booking:

The two most pressing desk-booking issues in the hybrid workplace post-Covid include desk sanitization of desks and flexible desk booking depending on office footfall. And a hybrid workplace software takes care of both of them.

The software offers flexibility to managers and employees by allowing them to book a desk or cubicle based on real-time availability. And that’s not all. It also removes the need to ask for the manager’s approval through booking requests, thus saving time.

A hybrid workplace software also helps track if the desks get sanitized after use with its automated sanitization workflow.

6. Parking Spot Management:

Long waiting lines for parking are not only frustrating but also waste employees’ time. However, a hybrid workplace software with a parking management feature offers easy vehicle management from office parking area entry to exit. With a hybrid workplace software that manages to park, employees can book spaces by tracking the parking spot availability, reserved time slots, etc. After booking, they get notified with the parking slot number, booking time, etc.

And that’s not all. Using hybrid workplace software, management can ensure efficient parking space utilization by analyzing real-time reports on parking space usage, peak usage time, waiting time, canceled bookings, etc.

7. Efficient Labor Management:

Do your employees feel overburdened at work? Do they have enough time off? These are important questions to ask when building a good workplace. A hybrid workplace software helps you manage all these areas of employee experience.

A hybrid workplace software helps you keep track of overbookings and employee leave requests through a single application. Thus, it helps with efficient labor management.

8. Efficient Office Space Utilization:

A hybrid workplace software efficiently manages the workforce, meeting rooms, desks, parking spots, and common areas and handles overcrowding in the office smartly. It ensures the optimum utilization of the entire office space and provides detailed insights you can use to reduce infrastructure costs.

Make Your Office Better with Hybrid Workplace Software

Your office can be a better place when critical tasks are streamlined, resulting in better operational workflow and happy employees. A hybrid workplace software efficiently handles challenging office tasks like-

  • staff attendance monitoring
  • employee management
  • demand forecasting
  • desk booking
  • meeting room management
  • parking place monitoring
  • flexible workspace management

With its automated features, you can speed up your office tasks, reduce labor and infrastructure costs, and allow your workforce to focus on other vital areas. So, if you haven’t purchased hybrid workplace software yet, get one like WorkInSync’s hybrid workplace solution with all the features listed above and make your hybrid model the most effective.