Buttermilk: Benefits & Recipes

Buttermilk is a dairy drink mostly famous in countries with warm climatic conditions. Buttermilk is used in many cooking procedures like the marination of chicken which produces carbon-dioxide and allows meat to permeate or it can be consumed directly. It is said that 250gms of buttermilk contains about 154 calories, 8.9gms of fat, and also contains vitamins, potassium, calcium, and few traces of phosphorus.

Here are some benefits of buttermilk which must be known so that you do not skip this.


  1. Completes dehydration level

It is mostly seen in summer that our body goes through dehydration a lot many times, so consuming this might help you to get rid of dehydration. A glass of buttermilk tries to balance the electrolyte and fluid level so that you feel hydrated.

  1. lowers the temperature of body –

Most of us prefer to have cooldrinks in summer so that your body temperature gets down, but these drinks are injuries to our health, despite that, you must prefer a glass of buttermilk, as this has the tendency to cool down your body from within and thus keeps the body cool.

  1. Helps in losing weight –

    It is seen that buttermilk has all few properties which are needed in losing weight; it is also a    great source of energy and has less fat as compared to other dairy products. It helps your stomach from any sort of disease and thus must be consumed early in the morning.

  1. Gives a glowing skin –

    It is seen that the rays of the sun affect the color of your skin and the use of several cosmetics makes your skin more dull and oily, but if you consume a glass of buttermilk which contains lactic acids do not let your skin cells fade a lot.

Types of buttermilk & their recipes

  1. Traditional buttermilk

This sort of buttermilk is mostly common in India, Pakistan, Nepal & Arabian Countries. This buttermilk has different names at a different location as in India it is called Chass, Mohi in Nepal, and Laban in Arabian countries.

 It is a very common drink and most preferred in summers so that it might hydrate and cools down body temperature. Nowadays it is a very popular and demanding dairy product and mostly sold as a dairy product everywhere.

Recipe of Traditional buttermilk –

Buttermilk is made of curd or fermented cream. This curd is diluted by adding water to it and is mixed well and then leftover for a few minutes. You can add salt and sugar into it and mix it well. Forgiving it different tastes you have to add black salt and powder of roasted cumin’s.

  1. Cultured Buttermilk

The origin of cultured buttermilk is from the United States in the 1920s. this cultured gained its popularity in be the 1960s but due to the increase of population its consumption is decreasing and has reached half from the previous data, however, it is mostly used in the preparation of baked goods, cheese, ice-cream manufacturing, and buttermilk pancakes.

Recipe of Cultured buttermilk –

Cultured buttermilk is firstly homogenized and then inoculated with the naturally occurring bacteria’s which helps this product to change its form. The sourness in this buttermilk is likely due to lactic acid which also helps to decrease the PH of the milk, due to this the curdling of the milk takes place. This makes the milk thicker and contained a lot of lactic acids. Cultured buttermilk is said to be more viscous than traditional buttermilk.

Buttermilk is that dairy product which must be consumed daily as this drink doesn’t have any sort of side effects and have a lot of advantages out of it.