Boycott China: Causes & Remedies

Nowadays boycotting of Chinese products & Applications has become a mindset of each and every individual of Indians, this can be seen everywhere right from the social media platform to the streets of our country. The drastic situation led by the Chinese troops in which our 20 soldiers were martyred at Galway Valley, due to this each and every individual is demanding to ban or boycott china so that china must pay for his strategies and must apologies for his mistakes.


Will boycotting Chinese products affect China’s economy?

Before getting to the conclusion to this question we must be known of the few facts that we don’t know and thus demanding for the boycott.

  • In the past research, it is seen that China is India’s second-biggest trade partner which account of about 6% of the whole, whereas India accounts for only 2.1% of Chinese trade partner which is very low. So the conclusion we can draw from here is that a trade war between these two countries will affect India more than China.
  • India accounts for only 1% of his exports to China & imports about 15.3% from china which is a very big trade gap between these two companies. The chemicals used for many drugs are imported from China which is still a big issue, but china has many partner countries for this and thus it will not affect them a lot.
  • In India, 48 Chinese companies have invested in India like Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Vivo, and so on. These companies have invested a lot onto the Indian market which has a huge impact on our telecom business if boycotted.
  • From the research, we get to know that only 3 lakhs Chinese visit India & about 8.5 lakh Indians visit China for tourism or for business purposes.

From account to all the above information we get to know that it will not drastically affect the Chinese Government and moreover the trade between these two countries might decrease up to a very big extent.

So Should we not Boycott Chinese Products?

 One thing we must keep in mind that if there is a problem, there is always a solution out of it, we must think in the right approach towards this problem. Yes, we should boycott this Chinese as they are the only reason for such a drastic situation, right from the corona crisis to the Galway Valley incidence the culprit is only this Chinese who are creating problems again and again.

These Chinese products are just like spoon-feeding done to us and due to this, we as a whole forget that we are more intelligent than them and have the capability to build up the things which they are feeding us from quite many years.

The boycotting of Chinese products needs time and from my point of view, this is the right time to think for another alternative rather than depending on these cheap Chinese products. We Indians have the capability to get out through any situation and must set-up an example for every country dependent on China.

This sort of decision might let us face many problems as of technologies, economy, etc. but at the end, if we think of the result from this sacrifice will definitely lead us to take this step, as this will help our Nation to not be dependent on others and India will soon be in the list of developed countries which is a dream coming true for each and every Indian.

All we need to do is come together as a whole and must support our Nation and government so that it might help us to get over this problem and thus led us to chase our dream of India to be developed Nation soon.