BIT FINANCE Review – Raising the Level of Trading for Everyone

There are many companies that are doing business right now. However, there are only a few that are really there to make a difference. I would say that online trading platforms are no exception to this rule. If they offer great customer support, their customers would stay with them for longer, but that’s not happening right now. I think these companies should work on providing great customer support to all their clients. So, I am going to answer all the questions that have in your mind about this broker in this detailed BIT FINANCE review.

Customer Support Round the Clock

The one thing that this industry really lacks is customer support. I don’t get it, why are these companies not providing great customer support? These companies should know that a lot of their traders are new. They don’t know much about trading and they have a lot of questions before they start this venture. As a broker on the internet, you should explain to them everything rather than running away from them. Where everyone else lacks, I have to tell you that this company excels. It really provides one of the best customer support services on the internet today.

The company has provided you with a phone number on the website. Furthermore, you have an email address on the website as well. You can send an email or call the company to have someone respond to your queries. In the case of emails, I am sure you will get a response within 24 hours of your query. Furthermore, you can call the company and talk to someone on the phone about your case. The best thing about the customer support from this broker is that you can call any time you want. Yes, the customer support department is there for you 24/7.

Small Deposits and Great Conditions

Despite the fact that you are making a small deposit with this company, starting your trading account will not be a challenge at all. You have four different account types from which you can pick the one you think is most suitable for you. I can tell you from my personal experience that the gold account is probably the best out there. It offers you some great features, even better than those offered to you with the platinum account. As surprising as that may sound, it is true. If you go with the gold account, the minimum deposit you have to make is $50,000.

Another thing you will love about trading with BIT FINANCE is that you have huge leverages on your trades. Your leverage starts from 1:50, but if you go higher in the list of accounts, you will have gain. You will get the service that you are really waiting for. Your deposit of only $250 qualifies for the basic account on the list. If you go with the silver account, the amount is $10,000 minimum. It keeps rising as you go higher in the account list.

Bonuses for All

How many companies have you seen in the online trading world offering you bonuses when you join them? In my experience, those are different companies. Those companies belong to different industries, such as lottery, e-commerce, etc. You will have to appreciate the efforts that this company is making to make life easier for traders from around the world. Sign up with the first account on the list with a small amount of only $250 and you might qualify to get a 40% discount on your first deposit. This discount increases with the account type. With the gold account, your welcome bonus is 60%.

Final Thoughts

I am sure you will know more about the company when you explore the website. For example, your withdrawals are faster when you go with higher accounts on the list. You can even use account managers for money management if you want. Call the company and you will get to know even more about it.