Best unique looks of Beard styles & Beard Cuts

In today’s scenario, Facial hair looks have become more important aspects for men & boys, to be more impressive it is important to give your beard a look that suits you pity well. Men have to always be attractive as they don’t need any makeup or touchup to be more attractive, so it’s their beard and its look that let them collect everyone’s attention. Also, you can check Beard styles for men here.

Here are some beard styles that will help you to be in this competition of beard trend and suit all of the face shapes

  1. Boxed Beard

This type of beard is been seen for a quite long period and still the favorites of many. This sort of beard doesn’t require much more effort and time, it can be grown in a few weeks and just have to give shape and trim.

boxed beard

  1. Uniform Beard

This sort of beard needs to be kept uniform allover and thus need more attention and maintenance, this looks great on any face shape and looks very dark. This is also a professional beard and thus suits many officers who like to be uniform of all the things.

uniform beard

  1. Garibaldi Beard

It is a full long beard with a rounded bottom and the beard hairs need to belong and straight and thus this suits any of the face shapes and also helps to look your face some bulky.

Garibaldi Beard

  1. Mustache & Soul Patch & Chin Beard

     Many guys have a problem in growing a beard due to different reasons, so this sort of look will definitely help them look cool of all and thus let them be in this trend of beard.

Soul Patch

  1. The Goatee

     Many of us have a problem in growing the hair at the face and has only hair at the mustache and somewhat at the bottom. You just need to give a circular shape around and thus will help to get a great look.

The goatee

  1. The Van Dyke

     This look style is named after a famous painter from the British Empire and this is a very old type of beard style but still being in trend. This look suits more to thus who have a flat face and thus require a lot of maintenance out of it.

Van Dyke Beard

  1. The Bandholz

     This is a long beard type and also very effective if you do not have a good jawline than you must try to get this type of beard style into you. This long beard does not require more maintenance and thus also has a great look. You must take care of the beard hairs so that they may be as long and straight as you want you to be them.

Bandholz Beard Style

  1. Beardstache

    In this sort of beard you need to keep a very light beard but your mustache must be darker and also it is not that common, but must try as that might be something new for you.


  1. Shaped Stubble

     This is a very simple type of beard in which you just have to trim it at 2-3 mm and also give it a perfect shape and this is said to be more attractive to all the other styles and also very easy to maintain.

Shaped Stubble

  1. The Faded Beard

       This sort of beard style is done to match it with that of your head hairs so that it look impressive to others, this beard suits all type of types of face shapes.

The Faded Beard