Best Microphone Under $100

With so many alternatives out there, sifting through the muck to choosing the appropriate and best microphone under $100 may be difficult, so today we wanted to focus on one particular price-point to aid your buying efforts. As we’ve seen in many of our buying recommendations, the finest microphones come in a variety of forms and sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications and users. As a result, choosing the best microphone under $100 may be a difficult task, therefore we’ve included several alternatives below.

Choosing the Best Microphone for under $100

Your precise budget –

We discovered in our best microphone under $50 review that it is at the lowest possible price point of microphones, your particular budget is critical. Do you want a microphone that costs precisely $100? Maybe anything around the $50 mark? Maybe even a little higher, in the $200-$300 range? You could even alter your mind after looking over the options and wind up saving some more money before completing your buy.

Variety of mic —

There are many various types of microphones available today, and as earlier said, we’ve discovered a little bit of just about everything under $100 to offer you some alternatives. USB headsets are great as with most computer applications (yes, they really aren’t essentially a type because they are condensers, but we like to separate them from everyone else), condenser microphones for capturing in film companies (vocals and instruments), vibrant microphones for performing live show or videoing louder equipment (including drums), and so on.

Do you have any extra equipment?

We want to ensure you have the required stuff planned ahead of time because we’re on a restricted under $100 budget here. We won’t go with microphone packs and bundles because they are around the $200 mark, but it could be worth your time if you plan on putting more gear into your budget. It ultimately depends on the sort of microphone you choose (because many USB microphones are connectors and come according to their own stands), so keep this in mind when you plan your microphone setup. Audio interfaces (particularly if you need to activate a condenser), microphone stands, shocks mounts, cables, windscreens, and other accessories are all common supplementary microphone equipment.

Here are the 5 Best Microphones Under $100

Audio‑Technica AT2020:

Audio‑Technica AT2020

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a high-grade condenser microphone with an incredible reputation as well as quality that will provide you with outstanding vocal recording ability due to its various capabilities. We do want to tell you that this one may be priced more than ours, but we made that clear because we’ve seen it for less than $100 on several occasions. The AT2020 has a cardioid polar design, which is ideal for vocal use since it reduces back and side sounds pick up, allowing the user to concentrate on the intended sound resource. What gives it a candidate for the best microphone under $100 is that this was an extremely low noise and clear mic, providing us with some fantastic quality records at a cost we won’t be complaining about.

With this mic, you also have a lot of frequency response to record most sounds with your voice (the one thing we wouldn’t suggest is drums, especially high frequencies sections like snares, but you can get by with it if you want to). Along with this fantastic microphone, you also receive a rotating stand attachment in the packaging. If you’re seeking the best microphones under $100 and want an elevated condenser microphone, the AudioTechnica AT2020 is a must-have. You may also look at the AT2020USB USB edition of this mic.

The Shure SM58:

The Shure SM58

The SM58 is one of the most well-known microphones in history. If you want to play live or record devices with a high sound pressure level, it easily qualifies as the finest microphone under $100. (SPL). With a frequency range of 50 Hz to 15 kHz that is ideal for vocal records and more, you will indeed be able to utilize this one for a variety of other applications as well: voice-overs, interviewing, concerts, acoustic, and so on. The SM58 is made with quality in mind, which is evident at first look, particularly in the construction.

It has a shock mount mechanism and a designed pop wind filter for maximum background noise suppression, as well as a dynamic omnidirectional pickup pattern. The robust and break-resistant stand adapter also makes this mic the best microphone under $100 since it allows the user to connect many microphones to a tape machine if that is what you want to accomplish. Even if you go with anything different, many people consider the Shure SM58 to be like a tool to a garage – we all need to have at least one.

Blue Snowball iCE:

Blue Snowball iCE

If we had to pick one of the best USB mics under $100 to start with, the Snowball iCE would be it. Blue Mics is a well-known name these days, particularly in regards to USB microphones. The iCE is extremely popular among consumers because of the excellent quality-to-price ratio it provides. It has a 16-bit/44.1 kHz resolution and the ability to utilize a cardioid polar pattern, resulting in good flexibility and audio quality. It includes a desktop stand, a USB cable, as well as an easy plug-and-play choice. Another useful feature that makes it the finest microphone under $100 in our view is its interoperability for both Windows and Mac.

This is a flexible microphone with a custom-designed condenser capsule that produces clear and clean sound. In terms of applicability, it is appropriate for users of many types of microphones (which is why we placed it first) – when recording voices (home studios, though we still prefer a condenser mic for this), instrumentation, or vocal jazz. It is also made into our best pc microphone guide, so if you’re looking to incorporate this into your office setup, it fits rather snugly on your desk for podcasting, gaming, Skype conversations, and more. The only applications we wouldn’t suggest the Blue Snowball iCE for are recording voices for songs or performing live, which we note lower down, but they’re ideal for home productions at a cost.

MXL 990:

MXL 990

If you’re searching for the best microphone under $100 and prefer a tank-like construction in a condenser microphone, this is a great option. With a FET amplifier and a large diaphragm, this microphone has whatever you need for digital audio recordings of all sorts. This microphone will take up sound from your equipment and vocals, resulting in a crystal clear final product. This microphone has a broad frequency response that ranges from 30 Hz to 20.000 Kz. For total technological independence, the MXL 990 may be linked to either Windows or Mac, and its appearance is quite appealing – vintage-styled in retro champagne color. Just bear in mind that you’ll need residual power or an audio connection to set this thing up.

Another significant feature that may make the MXL 990 the best microphone under the $100 champion is that it recreates peaks and troughs with outstanding clarity, which is something everyone should seek for in a studio microphone, especially if they are recording voices.

Samson Meteor:

Samson Meteor

Despite being in the center of our desired price range, the Meteor will provide outstanding sound quality for a relatively small USB microphone. It connects to both Windows and Mac systems through plug-and-play as long that you have a USB cable, and because it has a base integrated into the mic itself, you don’t need to acquire any other equipment. The Meteor features a cardioid polar pattern and is ideal for a variety of recordings, including podcasts, internet calls, games, and even lower-end studio voices.

Although it is not a high-end condenser microphone, the sound is always clean and devoid of distortion. The Meteor’s conversion and preamp will let you replicate the sound of your equipment and generate truly amazing audio for voice-overs, singing, interviewing, or podcasts. This Samson Meteor is ideal if you needed a USB microphone but was on a tight budget.


Overall, your search for the finest budget retractable mic is primarily determined by your interests and what you want in a microphone. Give heed to the specifications and read several of the reviews.

Some reviews are incredibly helpful and even include unboxing videos and/or images of the thing you’re looking at. Others provide insight on potential issues with the microphone in question.

Take your time, do your homework, and you’ll locate the finest condenser microphone for your needs.

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