Best Habits to Study More Effectively

Habits play a crucial role in developing a diurnal routine schedule as it helps individuals in attaining the discrete goal of their choices and makes them lean onto it until it has been achieved. Many students study a lot harder but still get conquer at last. This happens due to their unusual way of approaching and planning which led to their hard work with no yield out of it. To study effectively one should get changes onto their daily routine plans and must set some good habits of studying wisely with fewer efforts undertaken into it.

Here are a few approaches and habits for better and effective studying.


  • Priming of Environment

Before starting into your study, one must maintain an equitable environment for them to study more effectively. If they try to study in a noisy and troubling environment then it would pull them away from concentrating on study and will also disturb them from retaining information out of it. Cellphones are said to distractors, so they must be kept away from reach. Studying in dim light will harm the eyes, so before starting study one must prepare a good environment so that no hurdles come across your way towards studying.

  • Pristine Clothing

It has been observed that if you don’t wear genuine and clean clothes while studying then this would distract you from performing well. If you work or study in sweatpants or pajamas then it will make you feel irritated and won’t let you concentrate more on your studies. It has been mentioned in the journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science that the individual wearing formal clothes performs much better than in casual clothes. The reason behind this phenomenon is that our brain is much associated with people around and thus a formal look makes it more associated and helps perform much better than before. This sort of habit must be embedded into you to get good performance out of yourself.

  • Periodical Reiteration

Most of us have the habit of cramming a lot of information at a time and thus forgot a lot of it after a while. For effective study one should always repeat the information gained so that your brain snaps all of the data accumulated by you. By doing so you can absorb, recall & practice a lot of information’s so that it does not skip out of your brain very soon. The German scientist named Sebastian Leitner examined a theory for better retention of study over time, according to him if you try to study the same information concerning time so that each information is fully ingrained into your brain with less effort made out for it.

  • The SQ3R Method

The SQ3R stands for SQRRR which is divided into 5 steps for effective learning within less sort of time.

  1. Firstly quickly survey the text and the main heading associated with it.
  2. Now quickly write some questions when you get into a detailed study of that text.
  3. Now read the text and try answering the question that was made up by your brain previously.
  4. Try writing the right summary of the information gather within your brain and then try identifying the mistakes or information you left out.
  5. Now try reviewing all the knowledge gain and also try answering new sort of question on that particular information.

By following these five simpler steps one can learn many things easily.

  • Intellect Plotting

Many students have the habit of memorizing information and thus at the time of their performance they skip a lot out of it. Understanding information is very necessary as memorizing will put you in trouble, hence plotting of information is very necessary as it will help you create connections and also let you know the idea, terms & processes behind that study. By doing so you will get a complete understanding of that information and will not be whitewashed at the time of your test.

  • Collective Learning

When you learn any concept or information try discussing it with others so that you can recall all of your information and will also help you build the confidence of been right in that. Collective learning is always been a fun and effective way of learning, so try discussing with your confederate and help teaching them so that you get to know about how much you and vice versa.

  • Accumulation of Information

After studying any topic and discussing it with your colleagues it’s time to accumulate information in your brain. The accumulation of information can be owned with a good night’s sleep, many individuals skip sleeping before their test and thus not able to store any information. Skipping sleep will last your information in short term rather than in the long that and thus lose the path of the information. According to a study from The American Physiological Society stated that learning declines with a deficit of sleep and will ruin all of your hard work made for it.

By following these habits one can gain effective results without any hard study-made plans. Consistency in these habits will change the way of learning and will make you more assertive than before.