Best Flowers to Apologize With Color Meanings

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This says that loving someone is easy but having a proper relationship with them and maintaining it is very difficult. It takes a lot of your efforts to maintain a proper relationship with anybody and us humans. Our egos or our thoughts clash quite often which leads to some of the other kinds of arguments between us. Sometimes these arguments are intense while other times it’s more like a discussion but when they are intense, often they will leave us wounded and help our ego come in between and would want an apology. It is said that whether it is your fault or not you must apologize at least once. Now one of the best ways to apologize to anyone you love or you just had an issue with is to send for them midnight flower delivery in Mumbai or wherever your house is. Most flower buyers need to see if the flowers that you want to purchase actually have some meaning attached to them or not so let’s take out these best apology flowers that you can give to your near and dear ones –

1) Lilies and Roses for girlfriend and wives 


 Roses for long have been a symbol of love purity innocence the more colors in roses the more feelings the express and that is why rightmost normal people you messed up with your girlfriend or wife and can’t think of what you should do to apologize well it all starts with a bouquet of roses that you can easily order from the flowers online in Bangalore. Red roses are a symbol of universal love and yellow signifies purity and innocent friendship and a combination of both yellow and red roses would mean that you love the other person unconditionally and your nav is marked by purity and sincerity.


If there’s any flower that you are looking for with lots of femininity, dainty and delicacy then look for nothing more than lilies. Quite often lilies are considered more refreshing than roses. And as I have already mentioned that calla lilies are delicate that means they are similar to our relationships and if certain times because of misunderstanding or miscommunications you must have had then the delicate and softest way of apologizing is to send your loved one’s a bouquet of lilies, especially calla lilies.

 2) A new beginning, brightness, and apology with tulips 


Tulips are marked by a spring season and they are the best possible spring flowers, white tulips are considered a sign of happiness and prosperity. So alongside your cake and flower delivery in Bangalore, make a photo ad afraid of your girlfriend or wife and there that you are at least making efforts to reach out to them. White tulips especially my pure heart because of the warmth and would caress your loved ones.

3) Blue Hyacinth 

blue hyacinth

 Let us just say that covid-19 hasn’t been the happiest period of our life and of course even though we were staying back at home that ensures that revolves around us for not having a regular life somewhere made us fight or miscommunicate things just because we lacked stress management. and in Times like these, if you have about it would be really difficult to make up but don’t worry there are too many florists around who will deliver you a beautiful blue hyacinth these flowers represent what should I better say they are the official peacemaker flowers of the century.

Apologize with colorful flowers

Quite often it comes to our mind that although we have fought and everything is over now, but, only knew the meaning of different colors of flowers that we give to others then it would amazing because then even though it might not be a girlfriend by mother on any other women and men in our life but quite often we get in a verbal war with our seniors, colleagues, our bosses, etc. So let’s take out the meaning of these colors –

1) White color

As we all know history white color has been representing a sense of purity, virtue, honesty, and unity. White color when combined with red roses in a wedding or any other setup would represent universal love which has lots of purity.

2) Pink flowers

Pink flowers nowadays are representative of love. But when we look at them from a philosophical manner, they’ll represent femininity, grace and elegance, happiness, and humility. You can use pink flowers to show your gratitude, love, happiness, and above all a sincere sorry. In some cultures, they are reduced to sympathizing. The best flowers in pink color include orchids, roses, and gerberas.

3) Yellow

If there is any other color that was loved by all it is none other than yellow and yellow color represents sunshine, a new beginning, lightheartedness, happiness, and above all yellow has a way to attract people and its beauty never fails to flutter our heart.

4) Red

When most people nowadays believe that red is the color of love as it has flourished soon. But originally in the Rasa theory, it’s representative of fury and anger. The darker the color the more anger it’ll reflect. But for now, let us go with the modern concept, then you can give them crimson red roses, as a symbol of your sincere apology.

5) Purple

Purple color in the flowers has always been representative of wealth, royalty, uniqueness, and beauty. They might not be your tropical apology flowers but you can always use them to show your admiration and love for the other person whether it’s a boy or a girl. And this would be perfect if you had a verbal war especially with your boss or your colleagues. Some of the purple flowers are iris, allium, bellflower, and clematis are the most famous purple flowers

6) Orange

Orange colored flowers are especially representative of youth, happiness, benevolence, and love. Orange is the color of flame therefore it also symbolizes strength and endurance. Orange color also represents right and post some of the famous Orange flowers include roses, tulips, lilies, marigolds, and zinnias, etc. Contrary to the traditional belief it is also considered the color of sunshine therefore it also represents a new beginning in your life.