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Past is something that makes us feel joyous or depressed, here we are discussing “Best collage Maker Online”, depending upon the chapter to get recalled. If you think of getting erased off with your admirable memories, then you must capture them.

People are always fond of making collages of their past images as it helps them get acquired flashbacks and creates a stronger bond with their loved ones.

What is a collage?

A Collage is a piece of art made from assembling various photographs or pieces of paper in a well-defined manner. Collage can be of magazines, newspapers, clippings, etc., that stick either on the paper or canvas.

Before letting you know about making collages online, let’s clasp a look at the basic information of collages to get a proper idea of their usage.


The Collages came into existence after the invention of paper in China, around 200 BC. The use of collage gets increased when Calligraphers from Japan, around the 10th century, began to apply glued paper, using texts on surfaces, when writing their poems. The technique of collage in Medieval Europe occurred around the 13th century.

The gold leaf panels, gemstones & other precious metals got applied in Gothic Cathedrals and religious images & icons; around the 15th & 16th centuries. In the 19th-century, the collage got amongst the memorabilia and books from Hans Christian Anderson, Carl Spitzweg.

In 2009 Curator Elizabeth Siegel organized an exhibition to acknowledge the collage work of Alexandra of Denmark & Mary Georgina Filmer. The demonstration then traveled to The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Art Gallery of Ontario.

Types of Collages

The collages of any type and shape can be assembled by having efforts into it; your power of imagination can let you get the best out of it and will enjoy doing it.

  • Paper Collages

These collages get constructed by using a variety of papers depending on your choice of selection. We can also use collage material from photos, newspapers, magazines, envelopes, design printed papers, color cardboards, etc.

With the help of this paper, collages can be constructed of several variants by cutting the pieces of paper and rearranging them in a sophisticated manner and glued them on paper or canvas.

You can create any specific designs of your choice as per your interest and imaginations.

  • Wood & Natural Collages

The wood & natural collage assembled from driftwood, twigs, leaves, flowers, raw or polished woods.

With the help of all these naturally occurring materials, this creation of collage can either be from children’s or adults depending upon their interest within it.

  • Paint Collages

The paint collage is composed on a sheet of paper with vivid paints of different colors. These colors make it look fascinating by adding gradients of color, spots, or strips.

You can make a combined collage by painting on multiple sheets and later on rearranging them as needed.

  • Fabric Collages

Fabric Collages are assembled from the left-over scraps of cloths or your old clothes. Later on, these pieces need to be cropped and arranged in a well-organized manner to make them look enthusiastic.

These pieces are stitch on a plane-long cloth with the help of glue, ironing, or hand stitching depending on the suitability of the material in use.

To make it look more attractive decorative items like ribbons, buttons, etc., are to be used.

  • 3D Collages

The 3D collage is created by making layers from the materials in use. Another way is converting 2D collage into 3D by plotting several triangles on it and then cutting two sides of the triangle to get a 3D look into it.

  • Mosaics

The learning process for mosaics has been started for primary schooling to make students more creative.

Mosaics need materials like stones, glass, tiles, pebbles & marbles of different sizes and shapes to make it look fascinating.

If you need a border for your collage, it can get built with some straight pieces of tiles or a mirror.

Best collage maker

Best collage Maker Online

  1. PicsArt

PicsArt is amongst the best photo collage app and has millions of users. This app enables you into a community feed that shows the creation from the app.

PicsArt enables features like drawing tools, templates, background images, HDR photo filters, fonts, and AI-style effects. You can create double exposures images, memes, and stickers depending on your creative skills. You can also start with your project work when grouped in a Remix chat function.

The PicsArt premium membership costs around $8.99 per month with tons of memes and stickers indeed.

  1. Pic Collage

Pic Collage enables you into classic collage grid, freestyle blank scrapbook, or pre-made template. This collage has the capability of delivering a wide variety of templates and grid patterns.

It also lets you edit photos to make them look more attractive by applying stickers, doddles, effects, and frames to them.

  1. Diptic

Diptic allows you to work with plenty of templates within Animated, Classis, jumbo borders. This app lets you combine photos, videos, and live photos captured on your device.

The app costs around $2.99 for additional layouts and texture packs and counted amongst the best collage apps.

  1. Moldiv

Moldiv collage enables clustering of images for templates, magazine pages & greeting cards. The app provides edit toolbars like crop, clarity, exposure, color, vibrance, and more.

If you want to enable more of its features, you must buy extra packs of filters from $1.99 to $6.99.

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