Benefits of Using A PPF Calculator

A PPF calculator is an instrument introduced by the government. It is a tool that is used to calculate interest amounts and total amounts at the end of a specific decided time. PPF calculator is used to converting complex statements into easily understandable languages. At times people use different methods of investment to grow one’s money. PPF is one of the methods offered by the government to mobilize one’s small savings into investments with interest rates and tax benefits. PPF calculator is a tool that further assists in finding out interest rates, the time for which investment is made, and maturity value. It can be used simply by visiting the site and entering the amount to be invested and the time. Various benefits can be poured out from the PPF calculator which are as follows-

1. Easy access- It is a tool that is available on the website and can be accessed by any Indian resident above 18 years of age without any restriction. PPF calculator can be found just by searching it on the browser and accessing it through the website. After clicking on the website there are three input fields, out of three two are to be filled by the user i.e. yearly investment and time (in years). The third field is fixed before and cannot be changed. The user gets the output in figures about the amount invested, the amount to be received after maturity and the interest amount one gets.

2. Accurate calculations- PPF calculator helps in calculating the interest on one’s investment. It provides assistance in deciding the maturity period for one’s investment. It also provides accuracy with any type of deposit whether fixed or variable. It makes one’s investment situation easy as otherwise, one would have to calculate all the amounts needed for making the decision on its own. Everyone can’t be able to follow the complex formula requires for knowing the desired answers.

3. Help for people with no education- Without the calculator, it would be difficult for everyone to invest in this fund, People without education won’t be able to calculate on their own. Thus calculator breaks this barrier and promotes investment from everyone without any biases. This calculator can further educate one about how the factors such as time interest rates determine the maturity value and also help in deciding the maturity period for investments.

Thus PPF calculator provides a lot of benefits as discussed above. Nowadays, it has become necessary to invest and grow one’s money because of all the increasing expenses. There are a lot of investment options such as stock market, gold investment, mutual funds, IPOs, currencies, etc. is a site that covers all such investment options in a single unit. It provides options to open Demat accounts, provides information about all the modes as well as contains options to invest in any desired mode. Thus instead of checking all the options through different websites, one can go through all of them without any hustle from a single site.