Basic Makeup Kit for a Beginners on a Budget

Makeup these days is becoming a necessity for each one of us and why wouldn’t it, if it brings out the Beyonce and Kim Kardashians in us. But keeping up with the trends (just like keeping up with the Kardashians) comes with compromises such as spending a lot of your money on makeup products that last for a week, but did you know that you could afford good quality, pocket-friendly makeup kit??? You read it right! There are a lot of budget-friendly and quality assured products in the market that would work just fine for your daily makeup routine.

This makeup kit includes all the makeup essentials all of which are under Rs 500


It is essential to use moisturizers on a daily basis even if you have oily skin.

  • For oily and acne-prone skin, gel-based moisturizer such a ponds light moisturizer Rs 199 is suggested.
  • For normal skin type, you can use Lakme aqua gel Rs 149 which can also be used as a primer.
  • For dry skin type Lakme peach milk moisturizer Rs 100 can work best.

Sunscreen –

Sunscreen is the most necessary thing to apply to your face on a daily basis, whether you apply makeup or not. Not using sunscreen can cause early aging of your skin.

  • The most affordable sunscreen for oily and acne-prone skin is gel-based lotus SPF Rs 315.
  • For a matte finish and non-shiny look, you can use SPF by L’Oreal Rs 515.
  • You could use Biotique sunscreen for Rs 350 For normal to dry skin which is not so sensitive to breakouts.

Primer –

The most affordable primer which gives your makeup base an amazing mattifying effect is Lakme face primer Rs 299.

Foundation –

Many people use foundation after primer but it is not necessarily useful for a non-heavy everyday makeup routine. Instead, you can use a BB or CC cream which gives full-face coverage yet a natural look Garnier BB cream Rs 100 but if you still need a foundation you can go with Maybelline fit me foundation or Lakme foundation ranging from Rs 150 – Rs 250 which gives a great face coverage and full makeup look.

Concealer –

As for the concealer, they’re pretty expensive but the insight cosmetics concealer Rs 230 here is the most affordable one. If you can afford to go a bit high on the budget Maybelline fit me concealer Rs 475 is a great option for long-lasting makeup.

Compact –

For making your foundation and concealer last longer, you need to use a setting powder or a compact powder. Biotique magic compact clay Rs 145 is one of the best options available in the market at such an amazing price.

Eye makeup –


The most crucial part of our makeup routines is always the eye makeup, you can use different varieties of shades for your eyeshadows as well as your

  • Liner –

Eyes liner forget black color and matte effect for your eyeliner you can use Maybelline colossal eyeliner Rs 249 and
Nykaa gel inked eyeliner Rs 450.

  • Mascara –

For that dramatic effect, everybody needs a good mascara, here are two great options for voluminous and fuller eyelashes which won’t clump and are waterproof Maybelline lash sensational mascara Rs 510 and Maybelline colossal mascara Rs 399.

  • Eyeshadow-

It’s okay to not use eyeshadows at the beginner level of your makeup endeavor but it hurts no-one to do the experiments right? Here are eyeshadow palettes which will add even more drama to your eyes. Wet n wild rose in the air eyeshadow palette Rs 499 for subtle or smokey eyes look and swiss beauty eyeshadow palette Rs 299 for more bright colors.

Blush –

Who doesn’t like adding a little pink everywhere, hence for that cute blush look you can use wet n wild color icon blush Rs 299 which blends in like magic.


Isn’t this is the best part of your makeup?, that dewy glow which makes you look like the goddess of light, wet n wild powder highlighter Rs 499 gives you that shimmery yet natural face glow.

Lipstick –

We cannot forget about lipsticks when we’re talking about makeup. The right shade of lipstick is all that you need to complete your makeup look. There are many beautiful shades available in the market but what works best for all skin types and complexions is a pink nude color which is available in Maybelline ranging from Rs 150 – Rs 500

So that’s all about the affordable makeup kit, you can buy all of these products under 2500 rs budget. You can skip a few steps like mascara, blush, or even foundation as mentioned earlier in the article. But one thing we need to remember is we do makeup by personal choice, do not go for makeup if you’re comfortable in your own skin, also it is rude to put down someone because they’re wearing a lot of makeup. It’s about personal choice. Makeup or no makeup we’re all beautiful. But as this article was all about budget-friendly beginners everyday cosmetics, signing off with, Happy makeup y’all!!!