Apply Homemade Mascara in Baby’s Eyes, Learn How to Make Mascara at Home

Kajal is considered very beneficial for the baby’s eyes and it also makes the child’s eyes look beautiful, but it is more beneficial for the child to apply kajal prepared at home.

The practice of applying mascara to the eyes of the infant is very old. It is believed that applying kajal in the eyes of young children makes the eyes sharp. Let us know what are the benefits of applying mascara to children and how you can make mascara at home.

Is it right to apply mascara to your baby?

According to the FDA, commercial mascara is not safe for the baby because it contains lead. The lead comes from the galena stone. Some researchers say that kajal found in the market contains a high amount of lead and also contains chemicals such as galena, minium, amorous, carbon, magnetite, and zincite. These chemicals can damage the baby’s eyes.

Benefits of applying mascara

It is said that applying mascara provides relief to the eyes of the baby. However, it can also cause irritation. This is the reason why pediatricians (pediatricians) refuse to use kajal.

It is also believed that applying mascara helps in avoiding diseases like conjunctivitis while the fact is that such diseases can also occur due to mascara.

Why apply mascara

Mascara brush

It is believed that applying mascara protects the baby from evil eyes. There is no logical explanation for this. You can sometimes apply mascara on your baby’s forehead, cheeks, soles, and other parts of the body.

People believe that applying mascara makes the child’s eyes sharp and big, but there is no evidence to prove this.

Method of making mascara at home

The way to make mascara at home is as follows:

  1. Place both bowls on the ground with the help of each other. There should be a short distance between them.
  2. Now keep a flat plate upside down on the bowls. Put castor oil in the lamp and apply wick.
  3. Now burn it under both bowls. The wick plate should be touched. If this is not happening then use small bowls.
  4. Wait for 20 minutes and then lift the plate slowly.
  5. You will see soot on the plate which will be mascara.
  6. Remove it with the help of a knife and keep it in the container and add a few drops of ghee.
  7. Keep the kajal box in a dry or hot place.