What are the Alternative to MovieTube

For a long period of time, MovieTube protected millions of people from having to pay exorbitant fees to watch their favorite shows online. But even before the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), run by former US Senator Chris Dodd, Alternative to MovieTube, brought copyright violation claims against the world’s most respected online entertainment streaming platform.

The MPAA defended media titans Columbia Films, Disney, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Hollywood Studios, and Warner Bros in a civil case filed inside a New York District Judge.

Since the demise of MovieTube, moviegoers have been looking for sites comparable to MovieTube that can fill the void for streaming free movies and TV episodes. After doing some investigation, I discovered several incredible choices that are far superior and more content-rich than MovieTube used to be.

The complaint claims MovieTube of offering a service that encourages copyright violations by aggressively disseminating copyrighted films and publicly exhibiting them for profits without the explicit authorization of any of the contents’ copyright holders.

The famous online distribution movie platform has apparently been taken down since then.

Nonetheless, it was enjoyable while it lasted.

Now since MovieTube is no longer able to cater to movie-loving lazy slobs, many internet movie-watching enthusiasts are wondering which online streaming platform is the greatest MovieTube substitute today. Users are rushing to discover a service that is good enough to take the crown that MovieTube formerly held.

While everyone is always looking for the finest internet streaming solution that provides without a hitch with little to no long-term commitment, we have chosen to compile a list of the top MovieTube competitors for all operating system platforms: iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Following are the 10 Alternative to MovieTube:

  1. Vumoo:

Vumoo is a well-known name in the streaming business. I’m sure if you’re a movie fan, you’ve heard of this movie website.

It has been providing excellent viewing experiences to its customers for a long time, but many free movie sites, such as MovieTube, have failed to do so.

This website is less organized than MovieTube, but it is still user-friendly and worth a watch.

You do not need to provide any personal details, such as your identity, email account, or credit card numbers, to see movies on Vumoo.

Simply go to the above-mentioned URL, enter in the movie title or select from the highlighted movies on the main page, then clicking on the film title, and lastly press the start button.

This way, you may watch your favorite movie for free internet.

  1. Soap2Day

Soap2Day has not acquired the same level of popularity as movies, Solarmovies, and other famous movie streaming services. However, it is without a doubt the greatest movie streaming service on the list.

It features a one-of-a-kind, ad-free design. It is not required to sign up. It has something for everyone, or if you like movies, TV series, or sports.

It also includes a large selection of movies from a variety of genres, including action, comedy, thriller, love, sci-fi, comedy, and others. Because of its vast movie library, you will undoubtedly find something fascinating to watch no matter what type of film you prefer.

It also allows you to sort films by new, release, popular, and IMDB reviews.

It provides an amazing viewing experience. Yes, I’m serious. While watching movies or using the start button to streaming a movie, no advertisements or commercial windows appear.

  1. FilmsJoy

An ad-free and feature-rich website with over 10,000 movies and Television shows from 13 different countries.

MoviesJoy is a newcomer, but it is quickly gaining traction by offering the finest streaming experience to its consumers.

It does not need registration, therefore you do not need to submit any extra information about yourself.

The best part about MoviesJoy is that it does not redirect you to spam sites when you hit the play button.

It provides you with a big list of options so that you can simply choose the movie of your choosing.

Another appealing feature of MoviesJoy is its extensive filtering tool, which allows you to sort movies and TV shows by launch year, quality, category, and nation.

In a nutshell, it’s one of the finest options for sites such MovieTube.

  1. WatchFree

The earliest movie streaming website allows users to view movies and TV shows in high definition without registering.

WatchFree highlights popular films, Latest Movies, HD movies, and the Top 100 films at the top of the original page.

You may also sort movies by genre, which includes western, thriller, adventure, dramatic, history, crime, and adventure, among others.

The greatest feature about WatchFree is that it does not redirect you to spam sites or show popups when you watch a movie by clicking the play button. Without a doubt, it provides a superior movie-watching experience when compared to other MovieTube alternatives.

It is current. Here you may simply view freshly released movies.

  1. CinéBloom

CineBloom is one of the greatest movie streaming services similar to MovieTube, where you may watch an infinite number of movies in HD quality. It will not push you to create an account.

It has little advertising but, thankfully, no popups or redirection to spam sites. Provides excellent navigation, making it simple to select an intriguing film.

Another fantastic advantage is that quality is indicated immediately below the film title just on the website, so you don’t have to spend much time looking for the same information.

Aside from movies, it features a massive library of TV shows.

It also gives you four or more fourths. For the greatest streaming experience, always use uStream (Direct).

Only utilize other sites if the uStream Directly option is unavailable or causing problems.

  1. LookMovie

LookMovie is a movie streaming website with a lot of features. Provides a professional-looking interface, numerous filtering options for movies and Television shows featured thumbnails marked with IMDB rating, movie quality, and releasing year, and a slew of other fantastic features.

Its collection is massive in and of itself, and they are constantly adding freshly released movies to their library in order to provide their consumers with the most recent releases. Or, to put it another way, thanks to the advanced filter choices, you’ll be able to locate new to old movies in no time.

It contains some advertising ads, which are appropriate for free movie portals.

What I don’t like about it is that it occasionally redirects you to other websites when you navigate around the website and does popup commercial windows while you watch movies.

The remainder of the features is identical to the free movie download sites mentioned above.

  1. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a subscription service that needs no introduction, which is why I put it at the top of the list of sites like MovieTube. PopcornFlix, one of the most adaptable and popular movie websites, already has its own mobile.

You may watch full-length movies for free online, but joining up is not required. It won’t be a problem if you set aside 2 minutes to do so.

After you’ve completed your profile, the site will carefully examine your selections. They provide an excellent directory here with categorized series and movies that will assist you inappropriately selecting your preferred stuff.

The site has been up and running since 1999 and is compatible with a variety of systems. I’m sure you don’t want to pass up this fantastic opportunity to watch both new and old movies and TV episodes on it.

  1. Megashare

When it comes to listing video sites like MovieTube, Megashare is a household brand. Despite the fact that it mostly provides movies and has a limited range of TV series, Megashare remains a well-organized and versatile platform for moviegoers.

I really liked the notion of keeping their platform basic yet well-organized so that consumers are not irritated when browsing their site.

You can opt not to participate if you choose, but I always suggest it. All of the films and television shows have been classified into genres such as action, horror, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, and so on. In truth, animated manga may be found here as well.

They also have some stuff for Asian dramas and television shows. However, I must agree that the website is not as up-to-date as other sites such as MovieTube, but given its popularity, I feel it is a viable choice for watching the video.

  1. Putlocker

I don’t believe I need to say much about this site because, to some extent, Putlocker is regarded as the god of this genre. Of course, the original site is no longer online, and this is a clone, as I already said in the category of MovieTube-like sites.

Although being a clone, this website has established itself as yet another fantastic choice for streaming free movies and TV series in high quality.

On this website, you may watch every show and movie, from Keeping Up with the Kardashians to Justice League. Surprisingly, you really aren’t supposed to join up here as well. You may pick movies based on genre, year, most watched, and sequence of words, and the same is true for TV series.

After being sent to a third-party server, you can choose from a variety of quality choices via several links. You may search for movies, watch them, and even download them. An excitingly renewing site that is refreshed on a daily basis to ensure that visitors do not miss out on episodes of their favorite series or freshly released movies.

  1. 123Movies

To be honest, I have a soft spot for this MovieTube alternative because I like viewing movies on this site as well. But why wouldn’t I be, with so much to offer, not to mention the most recent items? It’s not only movies; with the right news and reviews, buyers may finally learn all there is to know about a specific movie or movie’s seasons.

I understand that there are certain unpleasant commercial difficulties at times, but even if you have up to 7-8 different server choices for the same movie, I believe it is worth it.

123Movies concentrates on TV series rather than single programs. In fact, if you want to stay up to date on the most recent streaming episodes, you may use their Live TV feature. With everything available for free and no need to register, I believe 123Movies is the greatest MovieTube alternative.

Don’t forget to go through their various categorizations, such as genres, popular, most viewed, and so on, to quickly connect to the most popular items.


Some of these sites, such as Movietube, are clones of well-known sites that have since closed yet garnered enormous popularity. I like to choose sites that do not demand registration so that people can easily watch their favorite movies and shows.

When it comes to the diversity and desired material of diverse users, these sites have it all. I also attempted to add several lesser-known sites with excellent content, but they haven’t gained the same degree of popularity. So, have a peek at these sites and prepare for a fun weekend.

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