All You Need to Know About Universal Travel Pass System

Travel has started and is enhancing progressively. What has been modified is adhering to journey-associated protocols, which include acquiring an RTPCR record according to the destination’s journey advice, certificates of whole immunization, an Aarogya Setu, etc. The release of the Universal Travel Pass is a step withinside the proper course amidst all of these.

The epidemic not only claimed lives but also had an effect on the tourism sector. When the epidemic started, many limitations, including an emergency lockdown, were put in place. We are all aware that travel has been put on hold. Only withinside the occasion of an emergency with the essential system in the area turned into the relocation permitted. It won’t be inaccurate to claim that travel and leisure almost fell to the wayside.

If you are ignorant of this, maintain analyzing to analyze greater approximately the Universal Travel Pass.

What is the Universal Pass?

A QR code-based e-pass is the Universal Travel Pass. Fully immunized individuals are allowed to travel on public transportation and enter all public locations, including malls, workplaces, and other locations. It became brought through the Maharashtra State Disaster Management Authority in collaboration with the Indian Railways. It is done so that COVID-19-vaccinated individuals may comfortably ride Mumbai’s monorails, metro, and local trains. The Indian government has finally made the Universal Travel Pass available to all of its people.

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Launch of the Universal Travel Pass system in Maharashtra:

When a person has completed 14 days since receiving the second dosage and is completely immunized, the Maharashtra government has developed an online platform called to simply issue e-passes to allow them to travel by public transportation.

Visit the website to obtain the pass, then:

  • To travel with a travel pass for immunized citizens, click.
  • Enter the cellphone number used to register for Cowin to receive the OTP.
  • Input the OTP.
  • You will see names along with vaccination status on the next page. Then, choose “Generate Pass.”
  • You’ll see information like your name and the date of your vaccination on the next page.
  • You may either upload a photo or take one right away.
  • Click “Submit.” In the following 48 hours, an approval link will be sent to you through SMS, according to a text message you will get.
  • Download the e-pass as soon as you receive the link through SMS.

How come the Universal Travel Pass?

  • The Universal Travel Pass was created to achieve the following goals:
  • Allowed national travel while a pandemic was underway.
  • Made sure that the medical and educational facilities were open and operational for everyone
  • It is simple and safe to travel using QR code e-passes.
  • Negates the requirement for persons to be physically verified as having had the full COVID-19 vaccination
  • Preventing the use of fraudulent identification when traveling if COVID-19 requirements apply
  • Allows for interstate travel

Who is Eligible for Universal Travel Pass?

Anyone with Indian citizenship who has gotten both COVID-19 vaccination doses is eligible to apply for the Universal Travel Pass with ease. Children are not permitted to use the Universal Travel Pass. In addition to these, any company operating in the healthcare, education, or utility sectors is qualified to apply for the Universal Travel Pass.

After receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, someone has a minimum of 14 days to use the Universal Travel Pass. If someone applies for it before the 14-day window, they won’t get the pass until the 14 days have passed.

What Does the Universal Travel Pass Include?

Information about a Universal Travel Pass includes the following:

  • Candidate picture
  • Candidate Name
  • Age of applicant
  • Candidate’s gender
  • Category for Travel Level
  • A QR code
  • Beneficiary ID for the applicant
  • The two COVID-19 vaccine dates

How are lockdowns implemented by the government during COVID-19?

To stop the spread of a deadly epidemic disease or disaster, the Central and State governments have the authority to enact special measures and rules. So, by limiting travel and implementing lockdowns, the government may take a number of steps to stop the spread of the Covid-19 sickness. For instance, in India, interstate travel is subject to government regulation.

All government ministries and departments, as well as the State and Union Territory administrations, are asked by the National Disaster Management Authority to take decisive action to stop the spread of Covid-19 across the nation. The Authority may give instructions for carrying out the lockdown and may demand that the government abide by them and carry them out strictly. The website of the Ministry of Home Affairs has a list of these lockdown orders.

Can you leave your home when it’s on lockdown?

Only those who have a legitimate cause to leave during lockdown are allowed to do so. For instance, you can leave the house to buy necessities, to be vaccinated, or in case of an emergency. However, you must adhere to procedures while you are out, such as wearing a mask and keeping a distance from others. It is advised to have a self-declaration form with you in case you need to use your own vehicle when the area is under lockdown for something important.

What punishments apply if a lockdown is broken?

Some of the punishments include:


intentionally committing a crime or acting carelessly in a way that might spread the infection of a life-threatening illness


up to six months in jail or a fine.


Willfully violating a legitimate order from a public official prohibiting the individual from performing a specified act.


If it endangers someone’s life, health, or safety, they might spend up to six months in jail or pay a fine of up to 1,000 rupees.


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