All About Dholera smart city Project

Many of us have thoughts in their mind that why India isn’t having smart cities like Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo, etc., you will happy to listen that India too is starting the first greenfield smart city project which is named as Dholera smart city.

Dholera SIR – Project Site

Dholera smart city plan

The Dholera Special Investment Region is also known as Dholera SIR, is a major new industrial hub in the south of Ahmedabad District. DSIR constitutes an area of approx. 920 sq. km. under the 22 villages of Ahmedabad district. It is built up near the coastal area where the soil quality is poor and thus not used for cultivation. It is said that this smart city is twice as big as our Capital city Delhi and six times bigger than Shanghai.

What is a Green Field Project?

There might be doubt in your mind that our government has announced many cities to be a future smart city than what is this greenfield smart city project. The difference between brownfield and greenfield project can be explained by an example, let us take the example of Mumbai, Mumbai is a city which was there before and this city is converted into a smart city project but for a greenfield project, a piece of barren land is selected and converted into a new city.

What makes Dholera a smart city?

Here are a few things that make this city advance smart city

  • Smart Hospitals –

Dholera city has smart hospitals with many advanced technologies for the treatment of patients and also it is said that it has a Helicopter landing pad at the rooftop and many more features that make it a smart hospital.

  • Smart Roads –

Dholera city will have 10-way Express roadways so that there will be very fewer chances of road accidents and thus also improves the transportation facilities.

  • Smart Infrastructure –

This city has a well ground infrastructure and has advanced level securities and facilities with a lot of plants and trees around to make the environment fresh.

  • Waste Management system –

Every city must be capable of decomposing the waste and for this, they have set up such a system for this city which will always keep it clean and is capable of decomposing any sort of material into it.

  • Water management system –

water is the most essential part and thus for this, every house is equipped with high-quality water so that no one gets ill due to a low-grade form of water.

  • Smart Traffic management –

This city project has mainly focused on managing the traffic so that people do not have to waste their time waiting in ques of traffic and thus also decrease the pollution level in the city.

  • Internet-Connected system –

This city is fully connected to the internet system so that any complaints can be resolved soon and thus also provide the best securities out of it.

What are the facilities provided by Dholera SIR?

  • Engine Recharge –

It is well seen in many metro cities that for this we have to go a long way out, but Dholera city has many such stations with engine recharge so that it will save your time and efforts.

  • Car Recharge –

Car recharge is the basic need and keeping this in mind the city project has also taken away for it so that their people may not wait in Que.

  • Walkway Shelter –

On the roadsides in the city walkway are provided so that people may walk freely on the roadside and shelters are also made at some distances so that people may sit at the roadsides if they want and thus reduces the risk of accidents out there.

  • Bus Shelter –

Dholera city also has city buses so that people can travel anywhere in the city so that they need not carry their vehicles.

  • CCTV Monitoring –

CCTV’s are provided everywhere in the city so that they can reduce the crime rate and thus also increases the safety of their people.

  • Sports facilities –

Dholera city also gives you the best sports facilities so that your children get to train for any sports activity which they want and thus makes them physically fit. 

  • Golf course –

Golf course are also made inside this city so that the people living out there did not have to go out of this city for this sort of activity

Dholera city is all in one project, it’s work has started and many investors have invested out there from now and will be ready by 2023, as a citizen of India you must aware about this smart city with smart solutions and steps taken out there so that you might feel proud to be an Indian.