What is Alaskan Snow Dragon?

Alaskan Snow Dragon is a sophisticated sexual practical joke. When a guy ejaculates in a female’s mouth, holds her jaw shut with his hands, and simultaneously informs her that he has an STD (anyone will do), she will promptly discharge the semen through her nostrils. You forced her to do the Alaskan Snow Dragon now!

What is the Alaskan Snow Dragon?

1. You put something in a girl’s mouth, and then you close her mouth. Then you confess to having an STD to her. She panics and attempts to spit it out, but while her mouth is still shut and she is still in your presence, all the cum shoots out her nose. That is a snow dragon from Alaska.

2. When you put your mouth inside of a girl’s and keep it shut while telling her you to have STDs. then giggle as it comes out of her nose because she resembles a snow dragon from Alaska.

3. Whenever a woman gives you the head. You put it down her throat just before you ejaculate, and it comes out of her nose.