7 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic

Are you looking to Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic? Having an aesthetically pleasing profile can make a big difference in your Instagram popularity.

Whether you’re an Instagram influencer, brand, or business, having a beautiful Instagram aesthetic will showcase your individuality and draw in more traffic.

Keep reading this guide to learn about the seven ways to improve your Instagram aesthetic.

1) Find Out Your Aesthetic

Before anything, it’s important to figure out what your aesthetic is. Let’s be honest, there are tons of aesthetics that have probably caught your eye and many people are drawn to more than one aesthetic.

However, try to narrow down one aesthetic that really embodies you or your brand or company.

For example, you may be a very positive and energetic person who’s drawn to a bright and bold aesthetic for your feed.

Whatever it is, be sure to have your mindset on an Instagram aesthetic before creating it.

2) Colors

Next, you’ll want to choose the main color or color palette for your photos. The right color scheme will be eyecatching to users and keep your account looking uniformed.

Choose a color that goes well with the theme of your aesthetic and make sure that your photos contain something with that color in them.

You can also choose a few colors that complement each other.

3) Lighting

Proper lighting is another necessity for your Instagram aesthetic. It also makes your photos look professional.

One way to improve the lighting of your photos is to use a selfie ring light, which attaches to your phone when taking photos.

Another way is through photo editing apps such as VSCO, Adobe Lightroom, or Snapseed. These apps give you options to adjust the brightness of the image.

4) Grid Layout

Many people don’t think about the order in which they post their photos on social media. Being conscious of how your Instagram posts will appear in the grid layout of your profile can make or break your aesthetic.

Your layout should have an organized look without too much clutter or repetition of photos.

For example, since the Instagram layout has three tiles per row you may choose to post a photo of yourself, then a quote or nature scenery, then another photo of yourself.

5) Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio can actually make a big impact on your overall aesthetic. Your bio gives you 150 characters to tell users who you are and the purpose of your account.

Be sure to add a URL link to draw users to your website or another relevant account like YouTube or Twitter.

6) Instagram Stories

Your Instagram feed isn’t the only part of your aesthetic. Visually pleasing Instagram stories that relate to your theme also play a role.

With Instagram stories, you can use the swipe-up button to link users to a site. You can also make engaging polls and Q & A’s.

Be sure to also incorporate your color scheme and professional lighting in your story photos as well.

7) Instagram Highlights

Lastly, we’ll discuss Instagram highlights. Instagram highlights allow you to categorize selected stories on your profile.

There are tons of Instagram highlight ideas to choose from. For example, if you run a lifestyle blog you may have a food highlight, a book highlight, a recipe highlight, etc.

You can also add highlight covers, which can make a great addition to your aesthetic.

Improving Your Instagram Aesthetic

This guide covered seven ways to improve your Instagram aesthetic. Implementing these tips will help you gain the Instagram popularity you desire.

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