6 Movies that You Should Watch if You Liked “The Shining”

Intro: If you’ve seen and loved Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining,” then you’re in for a real treat with some similar films. While there are plenty of horror flicks on this list, there’s also a healthy dose of psychological thrillers to keep you on your toes. While these films may not be as well-known as “The Shining,” they will still provide a solid scare. So if you’re looking for a good fright, check out these suggestions below. So grab some popcorn, a blanket, and get ready to be scared out of your mind! Happy watching!

1. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This 1974 horror flick is one of the most well-known entries on this list, and for a good reason. It’s a brutal but straightforward film that follows a group of friends who a family of cannibals hunts down. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is the prequel to 2003’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre and gives a glimpse of how Leatherface became a chainsaw-wielding maniac. Watch it if you want to see some good old-fashioned horror movie mayhem. This horror classic is set in the backwoods of Texas, where a group of friends runs into a family of psychopaths who use chainsaws and other implements of torture to kill their victims. Although you may find it on online streaming platforms, you will want to download thepirateproxybay.com for rewatching purposes. Wink!

2.     Evil Dead:

This Sam Raimi horror classic is about a group of friends who go to a cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an evil force that turns them into zombies. Soon after arriving at the house, they find a book bound by human skin containing all sorts of demonic spells. Before long, there are demonically possessed people trying to kill our heroes. If you’re looking for some over-the-top gore, then this is the film for you. If your idea of a good time is gore, demons, bloodthirsty animals, and evil spirits, then this movie is for you. You will not be disappointed by the stomach-turning scenes and jump scares in this movie! Sam Raimi’s inspiration was his childhood; growing up in Michigan, his family would often rent cabins in rural areas for vacations. He recalled, “Every time we’d go to the cabin, the whole environment around it was terrifying.” Evil Dead (2013) pays homage to this movie while also taking an old idea and expanding on it.

3. Rosemary’s Baby:

Rosemary’s Baby (1968) is a film directed by Roman Polanski, based on the novel by Ira Levin. When Rosemary gets pregnant, she begins hearing strange sounds coming out of her neighbors’ apartment. Her husband tells her she imagines things, but he soon changes his mind when their neighbor starts to act strange. Soon enough, it becomes apparent that something very sinister is happening in this apartment building. It is a classic horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

4. The Exorcist:

This horror classic is considered one of the most frightening films ever made. This cult classic horror film follows a girl possessed by a demon and her mother’s attempts to win her back through an exorcism. When young Regan starts acting strange and demonic, her mother realizes that she’s been possessed by a demon. A good combination of an old religious horror movie with some new, updated effects makes this a must-watch for any horror fan. With the help of two priests, they try to exorcise the demon from Regan’s body – but it’s not easy. This film is sure to give you nightmares, and if you enjoyed “The Shining” for its psychological thrills, then you’ll love “The Exorcist.” This horror classic is full of suspense and terror and is sure to send chills down your spine.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street:

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This classic horror film follows the story of Freddy Krueger, a child killer who is burned alive by the parents of his victims. He comes back as a spirit that haunts teenagers in their dreams to kill them. They soon realize that their killer is Freddy Krueger, a child murderer who was burned alive by the parents of his victims. This film is full of suspense, scares, and gore and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re a fan of all things horrific, then this is the movie for you! In this 1984 film, anyone who falls asleep has terrifying nightmares about being killed by this burnt serial killer. A Nightmare on Elm Street is a horror classic and a genre masterpiece.

6. High Tension:

Unlike “The Shining,” this 2003 thriller doesn’t take place in a creepy hotel – but it does have plenty of thrills to make up for it. For one thing, the film is much gorier than Kubrick’s classic, but that doesn’t make it any less terrifying. When a young woman is attacked and left for dead by a mysterious murderer, she teams up with a neighbor to fight back. But as the bodies pile up, she starts to realize that her attacker might be one of her closest friends.


in conclusion, whether you’re looking for a good ghost story or some great suspense, these movies are an excellent choice. They will keep their viewers on the edge of their seats – and hopefully on their beds. Just be careful not to leave your windows open at night!