5 Tips to Help Your Elderly Loved Ones

As our loved ones get older, some adjustments may have to happen. As healthy and present as they may be, your elderly parents or family members may need a little help from time to time. At the very least, they may appreciate you checking in. Here are a few ways to help your elderly loved ones as they get older:

Hire some help

Suppose you’re unable to visit your family as often as you’d like, but you know your elderly loved one(s) need some care. In that case, you may want to consider hiring an in home caregiver who can help them with various things like taking medication, bathing, or dressing, as well as transportation if they’re no longer able to drive.

If your loved one has medical issues, you may want to consider hiring an in-home nursing aide. However, whomever you need to help your senior parent, make sure to screen them before hiring to ensure your loved one’s safety.

Visit often

If you live in the same city or at least nearby, try to visit your senior parents as often as possible. While your lives may be busy, dropping in now and then can help you keep an eye on them and their health so you can make sure they’re cared for as they need to be.

Additionally, it’s easy for a senior loved one living alone to feel lonely, and if you and the grandkids are nearby, it’s bound to make their heart glad when you visit every so often.

Send care packages

If you don’t live nearby, showing your elderly loved ones that you think about them is essential. Sending care packages can help them know they’re on your mind, even if you’re far away.

Whether it’s a gift basket with their favorite goodies, a bouquet of flowers, or a book subscription, so they have something to look forward to, you can be sure this type of gesture will help them to feel a little less lonely. Knowing you’re there in some way can help your senior loved one living alone avoid feeling depressed.

Look for reliable housecleaning

If your parent’s health is declining, it may be a challenge for them to do regular housekeeping. They must live in a safe and clean environment, so hiring a reliable housekeeper can be beneficial for them if you live elsewhere.

Much like a caregiver or in-home aide, make sure to screen the person you want to hire to make sure your loved one stays safe with people in their home.

Encourage or book social activities for them

Encourage or book social activities for them

It can help your loved ones stay happy and connected by encouraging them to attend social events and activities. This may not be easy for them to do independently, so figure out ways to help get them out and active.

Whether that’s browsing online and helping them sign up to an event they’d be interested in or hiring someone to drive them to and from an activity they enjoy, helping your loved ones maintain a social life can go far for their spirit and physical health.

In Conclusion

From visiting as often as you can to making sure they’re taken care of with some hired help, there are a few ways to help your senior loved ones out at a time where they could use a little extra love. It could be as simple as making sure they have company or social visits often, or you may need to set aside a travel budget so you can visit them as regularly as possible. Either way, they deserve all the care you can provide.