5 Common Health Issues to Monitor As You Age

Keeping tabs on your health as you get older is tricky. You may not be aware of many underlying conditions or even know to spot the symptoms. Although struggling with health issues is not inevitable, the aging process comes with many vulnerabilities that can make one more susceptible to illness. In this article, we go over five health issues to monitor as you age, so you can take measures to safeguard your health.

1. Tremor, Shakes, And Related Symptoms

Suppose you notice signs of involuntary shaking or are struggling to complete basic tasks like picking up a glass without dropping it or causing the liquid to shake. In that case, you may be experiencing symptoms of essential tremor.

Essential tremor is a common condition that occurs as we age, and many techniques can be implemented to reduce the severity of your symptoms.

As we get older, our likelihood of struggling with essential tremors increases. Reach out to your health care provider to learn how to minimize your essential tremor symptoms.

Tremor, Shakes, And Related Symptoms

2. Mental Decline: Dementia

Cognitive decline is a normal part of the aging process, but only to some extent. If memory loss interferes with your ability to live an active, safe life, you must get tested for dementia and related mental health conditions that may occur as one age.

Over time, plaque build-up in the brain can lead to cognitive impairment. It is vital to catch these signs early to prepare against the effects of such diseases.

If you forget basic information, memories, or where you’re headed, reach out to a provider. You can practice exercises to engage your mind and develop neural pathways to help reduce your symptoms.

3. Forms of Arthritis

Our bones, joints, and muscles are less resilient as we age. Additionally, additional, genetic factors can predispose a person to develop issues like rheumatoid arthritis. Keep track of whether you have a family history of arthritis.

If caught early, arthritis can be managed without significantly interfering with a person’s quality of life. Without proper medication and pain management, arthritis can be debilitating.

It is essential to reach out to your healthcare provider if you struggle with chronic joint or body pain. Always act preemptively to get your needs met and to avoid worsening symptoms later on.

4. Osteoporosis And Bone Health

Conditions like osteoporosis often manifest later in life after a long-term nutritional lack of calcium and other vital nutrients. If you have a history of eating disorders or poor nutrition, you may be at greater risk of developing issues like osteoporosis.

If you struggle with severe back pain, have lost a great deal of height, and struggle with your posture, you may be dealing with osteoporosis. Reach out to your doctor to devise a health plan.

5. High Blood Pressure

For a healthy heart and blood pressure, it is essential to get your blood pressure monitored and attend all of your doctor’s visits to address potential vulnerabilities preemptively.

Depending on your diet and stress level, you may be susceptible to developing issues like high blood pressure as you age. Unaddressed high blood pressure can lead to stroke, and heart attack, and can be fatal, so don’t wait to get help.

The Bottom Line

It is essential to look out for warning signs of health conditions as you get older. The likelihood of developing a chronic illness is more significant as we lose resiliency and move on in the aging process. Although some of our body’s strength to fight off disease may lessen with age, we can keep our health on track if we take measures to protect our health preemptively.