4 Ways Custom Packaging Can Help Your Small Business Build a Solid Brand

No advertising tactic is better than a happy customer. A satisfied customer leaves great reviews, and they tell people about you! Word of mouth is a solid way of bringing in more sales and creating brand loyalty. And all that starts with an excellent first impression.

A Beautiful Package Is a Firm Handshake

Customers love the experience of opening a package. We’ve all been there. There’s that familiar, Christmas-y mix of giddiness and excitement when your package finally arrives after days or weeks of waiting. Naturally, you’d want to be surprised.

There is pure delight in opening a product wrapped in a neatly designed custom box. It’s not just a show-off moment; it tells your customer that you have given thought and effort into making it look nice for them—much like giving someone a gift!

So think of your package as a handshake. Opting for bespoke packaging complete with your brand logo and recognizable brand colors will definitely up your ante when it comes to impressing your beloved buyers.

A Custom Package Helps Deliver a Consistent Customer


You can have the best-looking website or the most amazing products but still get negative reviews due to poor customer service. In the same way, poor packaging can impact your customers’ overall experience.

If you wowed your buyers with your responsive customer service or your flawless checkout process, they would expect no less when it comes to the actual product, and that includes your presentation.

If you’re a small business just starting out, your package is going to be their first point of contact with your business outside your e-commerce store. Like it or not, your customers will judge you by the book, starting with how your package looks.

A professionally made, custom product packaging speaks luxury. It tells your customers that your business is willing to go above and beyond to give them a truly satisfactory shopping experience.

On the other hand, a plain-looking cardboard box looks and feels lazy and cheapens what could otherwise be an excellent product.

A Custom Package Looks Great on Social Media

A Custom Package Looks Great on Social Media

Social media helps even out the playing field for small businesses like yours to compete with the big guys. With the right partnerships and promotions, social media can catapult your business to viral fame overnight.

Influencer marketing is one of the many ways many small businesses promote their products. Influencers serve as salesmen and go-betweens by introducing their followers to your products. One of the most popular ways they do so is through unboxing videos or streams, where newly delivered packages are unwrapped in front of an online audience.

If such is part of your paid promotions strategies, having a glamorous, brand-loyal custom packaged product is a sure way to win hearts.

A Custom Package Gives Your Brand Personality

The biggest brands in the world are known for certain attributes and elements that make them memorable to their consumers. For example, Apple evokes sleek, suave, and plain elegance, while Rolls-Royce exudes glamour and wealth.

So ask yourself: what do I want my brand to be known for?

Whether it’s simplicity, luxury, or a sense of security, sell it well with custom packaging that embodies what your brand is about. You can choose to keep it neat with only your logo on the cover or make it playful with bespoke boxes that have different designs depending on the sale season.

Experiment with different methods, and see what works!

Final Thoughts

Business is about establishing a solid relationship with your customers, and that means paying attention to every small detail in the customer journey. Developing a consistent, brand-loyal experience—even with as little as a custom product package—goes a long way in helping you establish a brand that stands the test of time.