4 Things to Consider When Ordering Custom Poker Guard Coins

Did you know that a poker card guard coin is used as a lucky charm by players? If you are not familiar with the card games then you would feel a bit confused seeing a coin placed on top of the cards.

Well, the coin that is used in card games is what we know as poker guard coins. Today, there are different styles and designs available when it comes to ordering these coins. All thanks to the state-of-the-art technology used for the customization and manufacturing of coins.

However, there are a few things that are needed to be considered before you place your order for personalized poker guard coins. After all, you want the best quality coins to be featured as your lucky charm, right?

  1.   The type of coin

Although it doesn’t make much of a difference in choosing the type of coin, you get a few options to choose from. Poker guard coins made out of metal with gold or silver-plated coating is the most common type found.

There are also ceramic made coins that you can pick as the material of the coins. A combination of ceramic and clay is another type of coin that you can choose for the making of poker guard coins.


  1.   The design idea

Well, this one is a pretty common yet important thing that you need to consider when ordering custom poker guard coins. The design of the coin makes all the difference. It influences the overall look of the coin.

If you have any idea in your mind then you can share it with the artist or designer while customizing the coins. However, if you are completely clueless then look for some examples online and that will give you something to work on.

With the availability of customization, customers can give orders for any design as per their liking.

  1.   Text and other elements

Your poker guard coins are like your lucky charm. It is used as a protective charm for the cards. Adding some “good luck” or “lucky charm” text on it gives your coins more meaning.

Aside from texts, there are other elements that you need to decide while placing your order for the coins. Colors and the shape of your coins are some of the elements that you are required to be considered.

Also, many poker guard coins have a hole in the middle so whether you like to include that in your coins or not is totally up to you.

  1.   Price of the poker guard coins

Lastly, you need to see if the pricing for the making of these coins is reasonable or not. You need to keep in mind that there is no extra charge for customization when it comes to ordering custom poker guard coins.

So, if a coin manufacturing company is charging you separately for customization then it’s better not to place your order with them. Also, several companies offer free revision works for offering the best-produced coins, this will help you to avoid any errors or make any changes if you want to.


Poker guard coins are your lucky charm so make sure you place the order for it carefully. The above enumerated considerations will guide you to place an order for the best custom-made poker guard coins.