21st Century Telecommunications for Maximum Business Efficiency

Whatever the industry, communication is everything in business and as we live in a fiber-optic world, with 5G just around the corner, perhaps it’s time you reviewed your business communication systems. Crystal-clear audio and video, thanks to Broadband and VoIP solutions, bring you the very best in telecommunications and if you are still receiving those insanely high telephone bills, welcome to VoIP technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP is certainly not new; prototype applications were running in the year 2000, yet reception was poor due to a narrow Internet bandwidth; this was quickly remedied as net speeds increased and applications such as Zoom, Skype (Microsoft owned) offer the businessperson the very best in real-time communication. The latest generation of video call software uses a special data compression system that eliminates buffering (we all hate that), ensuring a stable connection for audio and video transmission.

IT Field Services & Cabling

Permanent facilities favor structured cabling in Fort Worth, which is tailored to suit the client and when you need trustworthy communication in the field, there are providers who can set up satellite links to guarantee you secure, stable voice and video communication under any situation. Once your offices have fiber-optic cables laid, you can take advantage of the 10x data transfer speeds that 5G brings, plus you have security and reliability from a leading US telecommunications provider.

Headsets & Staff Training

Once all your employees are shown how to use the wireless Bluetooth headsets, you have instant communication across the board. There are no telephone bills to pay, as all your communications are using a secure cloud network, which is not affiliated with any of the telephone providers and the telecom provider would even train you and your staff on how to use the VoIP application. Click here for services offered by IT support companies, which all business owners should check out.

Video Conferences

If you have a team of key employees across the US, you can video conference in real-time and the VoIP application has powerful tools such as file sharing and whiteboard capabilities, which is perfect for design and project planning. As a team leader, this allows you to create a bond with each team member and you can have private one-on-one video calls with any team member, should that be necessary.

5G Powered

Elon Musk has been firing up 5G satellites for a few years now and soon the Internet of Things (IoT) will be launched and this will revolutionize business with super-fast speeds. The 5G satellites beam down to land transponders that cover most of the US and this is expected to improve all aspects of business & commerce. Click here for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s website.

Online Solutions

If you are convinced that now is the time to upgrade your business communication and would like to talk to a leading provider of structured cabling, Google is your best friend and you can take the first step to equip your business with 21st-century telecommunications. The provider would offer you a free online consultation to determine your needs; every business has unique communication requirements, with cyber-security playing an important role. Let the experts make a recommendation to improve your business communication, which will boost the efficiency of your organization.